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In a world where Hollywood glamour reigns supreme, Beverly Hills money flows, and celebrities are your next door neighbors, one little girl breaks the mold. With movie star parents, a personal nanny named Tallulah, and a quirky knack for quoting old Hollywood starlets – Sad Sally is sure to make you wonder: Seriously…why is she sad?

From the creative minds at Wilde Imagination comes this fun, quirky, high-quality doll that collectors are sure to love. Sad Sally is 7" tall and completely ball jointed with 15-points of articulation for tons of posing possibilities. She has hand-painted features, is crafted entirely of luminescent resin, with changeable inset eyes and a wig made of the highest quality fibers. Even we have to ask - what's to be sad about??

Sad Sally and her collection of outfits are recommended for ages 14+