Lost in the Storm

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Lost in the Storm

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Jaunting off to town to run a few errands on a cloudy Ipswich evening, Evangeline looks at the sky with her gleaming violet inset eyes peeking out behind lush lashes.  A storm is coming, she thinks.  I had better hurry.  As Evangeline leaves the fruit stand, she feels a juicy raindrop land on her rooted medium brown tresses.  Just then, the wind picks up and is blowing gleefully through her dress of mauve purple and black multi - she sure is glad she wore her fur-trimmed taffeta shawl!  With a deafening crack, the thunder and lightening begin in harmony with the now howling wind.  Evangeline doesn't know this part of town well, but she needs to find cover, somewhere to wait out the storm.  With a zig here and a zag there, finally she happens upon a candle shop she had never been to before and she darts inside, and just in time.  For here comes the storm!  LE 350

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