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Evangeline Ghastly comes straight to you from the attic of Barkley Manor, across from the local cemetery, in Ipswich, England. With her star-crossed love Mortimer with whom she works at the mortuary, her enigmatic cousin Parnilla, a pet skunk named Mouette, a bat named Bella, a mouse named Crumpet, a kitten named Valentine, mysterious diary entries, and fashions right out of a Victorian novel, Evangeline Ghastly and the characters in her life are a mystery waiting to unravel. Created and designed by Joe Petrollese and sculpted by award winning artist and designer Robert Tonner, Evangeline Ghastly is definitely… a whole other story. 


2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Dear Diary, 

Thank goodness that apart from a few scratches and one large bruise, I seem to be okay after the pub brawl with Parnilla. Even though I feel like I got the best of her, there is one thing I still can’t figure out, why did Parnilla get so crazy when I yanked on her necklace? Granted, I was choking her at the time. But as lovely as it was, the necklace didn’t look like anything special. However, it did look familiar, like I’ve seen it somewhere before. But where? It wasn’t until I was sitting quietly, making false eyelashes for Mrs. Applehead, that it dawned on me. The poor woman burned her lashes clean off, along with every other hair on her head, when she fell face first into a pot of hot cider. After that her face looked like an old painting, all crackly and dry. That was it! The painting! Mr. Mort had a painting in his cellar at the mortuary that I came across one day while looking for a couple of small nails to keep to keep Mr. Mouthworthy’s dentures in place. Poor dear, his teeth always fell out when he sneezed. Anyway, back to the painting.  Not so long before, I had asked Mr. Mort if he knew who the lady in the painting was, but he did not, at least that’s what he told me. As much as I wanted to race to the cellar and look for the painting, I knew I had Mr. Tinglebottom to work on first.  Mr. Tinglebottom was a lovely man. Such a gentleman. He always rushed to cross to the other side of the street when he saw me coming. Our sidewalks are very narrow. It’s just too bad he didn’t see the bus coming this time. Anyway, once I was done with him I headed for the cellar, a filthy place, so dusty and gloomy. There, in a far corner past all the old coffin samples, covered in an old sheet, was the painting. I slowly removed the sheet so as to not get dust in my eyes. But this time I took a closer look at the woman in the painting. It was hard to see in the dark cellar so I quickly lit a candle. The woman in the painting was wearing the same necklace that Parnilla was wearing around her boney neck!  Who was this woman? And why was Parnilla wearing her necklace? But the bigger question was, why does this woman look exactly like me? As I started to place the sheet back over the painting I noticed a plaque at the bottom of the frame. I didn’t see it before because it was covered in dirt. It looked like someone had tried to wipe the dirt off so the name would show, but the name was hard to make out: “Amelia Whistle-Wickham.” Who in the world was Amelia Whistle-Wickham? Are we related? This is getting all too creepy, even for me! Just then I felt a cold, icy breeze blow right through me. As I turned to see if a window was left open, a pair of eyes looked out from the darkness. I called out but no one answered. As fast as the eyes appeared, they disappeared. It must have been a cat.  

But who was this woman? Are we related? We look too much alike not to be. Mr. Mort is going to tell me this time if I have to beat it out of him! Maybe Mortimer can get him to spill the beans on the painting! Meanwhile, Mouette, Valentine and Crumpet are still with Parnilla. I have to get them back and possibly the necklace too!