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Meet Ellowyne Wilde - With boredom as her greatest foe, Ellowyne Wilde suffers from chronic ennui, with just a touch of melancholy, but she’s just too tired to figure it all out. Ellowyne is not your typical fashion diva – but then again, who is? Get to know Ellowyne and her quirky friends. Designed by award-winning artist and designer Robert Tonner, Ellowyne comes to you eternally bored and ready to conquer the doll world…if only she had the energy…

Designed by renowned fashion doll artist and designer Robert Tonner, Ellowyne stands 16” from head to toe. Made of high-quality vinyl and hard plastic, she boasts 12-points of articulation, essential for unlimited posing possibilities. Hand-painted features, saran hair, and designer outfits that use the highest quality fabrics and trims are the hallmarks of this temperamental girl.

With a personality as unique as her wardrobe, Ellowyne is definitely a doll with a mood.

Our beautiful,high-quality products are recommended for ages 14+

My therapist, Dr. Bantam, says I suffer from chronic ennui, with just a touch of melancholy – but I guess I’m just too tired to figure it all out. I’m supposed to write down my thoughts and feelings - but really, it's not that I'm not happy, or even sad - it's just that, well, I just can't figure it out.....

Dr. Bantam thinks I should go out more with my friends, and she may have a point. Pru always makes me smile, and I love hearing Lizette tell stories about New Orleans. Amber - well, not so much, but I guess I'll trust Dr. B on this one. We all went shopping recently and actually had a good time. San Francisco is filled with the most amazing thrift shops.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. Maybe I'll just go write in my journal, or go shopping, or...oh, I just don't know (sigh). Love, Ellowyne

Boredom is her greatest foe