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BRRrrrr! The weather has turned cold of late Bundle up! Yes, I think it's time The cold! It chills me right to the bone But my furry coat treats me fine And to keep my feet toasty and warm I have my trusty booties Reminds me of when I was just a girl Grandma would cuddle me and say BROOTIES!

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Bundle up, it's cold outside!  With her wigged chestnut mane and glossy green inset eyes behind luscious lashes, peers in her mirror as she wraps her head in her golden furry hat.  She smoothes out her rust brown and gold frock before slipping her arms into her toasty tweed coat of rust with golden fur cuffs, and dotted with antique gold buttons.  She can hear the wind whipping outside as she laces her tall rust brown and gold boots - better grab her golden furry scarf, too!  With that, she is off to see Dr. Bantam.  Neither sleet, nor rain, nor snow... she thinks as she rolls her eyes.  LE 500


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