Judy's Grand Entrance

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Judy's Grand Entrance

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Her blue eyes check the clock on the wall as she dashes inside. I'm late! Wishing she could take back that second flute of bubbly, she darts up the stairs, her red and black brocade gown flowing gracefully over the marble steps as the chandelier highlights her summer blonde tresses. Pushing open the double doors, light and applause assaults her senses and she clutches her black furry shawl around her. Suddenly, she is overcome by the press, with their flashing bulbs and shouts. For me? Well, fashionably late always makes a grand entrance!

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  • Dressed doll
  • Face includes hand-painted details
  • Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic
  • Déjà vu head sculpt
  • 16" Déjà vu™ body
  • Bisque skin tone
  • Painted blue eyes with applied black eyelashes
  • Summer Blonde rooted saran hair
  • Red and black brocade dress with faux flower decoration
  • Black gloves
  • Black bead bracelet
  • Black bead earrings
  • Nude pantyhose
  • Black elastic shoes
  • Black faux fur shawl
  • Stand
  • LE 300

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