The Artistry

About TONNER® Products

TONNER® dolls and Character Figures™ are some of the most beloved and sought after collectible products on the market today. Each and every product is designed by renowned doll artist and designer Robert Tonner and his team of skilled artisans, using their award-winning talents to bring the highest quality and most detailed licensed and non-licensed collectible figures to both doll lovers and collectors alike. From pop culture to high-fashion to play dolls, Tonner has something for everyone! Our products are meant to be enjoyed for years to come –and are backed by our 30-day Unconditional Guarantee.

How TONNER® Products are made:

  • Each doll and character figure™ is created from a unique sculpt, which in turn is cast into molds. Every part is engineered for natural movement (articulation)
  • Each doll and character figure™ design begins with a unique sketch, brought to life with meticulous hand detailing (hand painted faces, hand styled hair)
  • Artistry in miniature is revealed in finely executed accessories including custom molded gloves and masks created for action heroes, hand-crafted shoes, proportioned custom-knit knitwear and "movie authentic" costuming for licensed figures, all crafted from the finest fabrics from around the globe
  • Figures, outfits and accessories are sold in strictly limited editions
  • Continued support from a world-class Doll Hospital for repairs and replacement items