Privacy Policy

Tonner Doll’s Web site includes information about our company and our products, surveys, sweepstakes and contests, and advertising, among other items of interest. Our site links to many of our retailers world-wide and doll-related publishing companies and organizations – Tonner Doll is not directly associated with any of the linked websites outside,,,, - Parents are advised that linked websites may or may not contain objectionable material for children, and we encourage you to monitor your child's online use and to help us protect children's privacy by instructing them never to provide personal information on this site or any other without permission. Tonner Doll cannot be held responsible for the content of any website outside its own or that may be otherwise linked to Tonner Doll-sponsored websites.

Information We Collect from those who Join Our Mailing List

The "Join Our Mailing List” section of Tonner Doll’s website is directed toward adults ages 18 and older. Tonner Doll does not require visitors to share any personal information in order to view our website. E-mail addresses collected through any section of the website are not posted, released, sold, or distributed to anyone outside of Tonner Doll Company, Inc.

Other Information We Collect

A "cookie" is a small file that is saved on a user's computer hard drive that contains no personal information. cookies provide users with faster access to pages they have already visited, allow users to personalize certain pages, and keep track of a user's progress in a game. also uses cookies to help determine how many people visit the site, which Web pages are visited, and how long visitors stay there. This information helps us create a better website by revealing which features are a success and identifying areas that might need improvement. For administrative purposes, each visitor's IP address is collected. An IP address is the automatic number assigned to each user's computer when that person surfs the Web. Tonner Doll does not sell or release any information gathered to any third parties.

All information gathered online will be used only by Tonner Doll Company, Inc. for internal marketing analyses and to improve products, services, and the website. Under special circumstances, we may give other companies access to our information database, but only when needed to allow them to provide database or server maintenance or security, to help us process and fulfill orders or requests, or provide other similar services to us. If we do provide access, we require those companies outside our family of companies to sign confidentiality agreements promising to keep secret any information they see. If we believe that anyone's behavior on our sites may damage us, our sites, or anyone else, we may disclose the relevant personal information in order to prevent this harm. In that case, we might try to identify the user, contact him or her, and/or bring legal action against him or her. We may also disclose personal information if we believe that the disclosure is required by law, or in response to a legal request.

Thank you for reading our privacy statement. We are genuinely committed to safeguarding your online privacy. We hope you have a better understanding of the many activities offered on our website. Remember, we may change our policy from time to time. When this happens, we will notify you of the new policy by posting it on our site. If you have concerns about your privacy, please contact us by calling 1-845-339-9537 and speak with a Customer Service representative. Your use of this site is also governed by our Terms and Conditions statement.