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A Dream re-imagined….
A re-interpretation of iconic characters in only the most fashionable way! You’ll never be able to look at those familiar characters in the same way again.

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The day seemed like any other...

Charlie Dodgson is disillusioned, jaded by the daily grind. He happens upon a trendy new pub called The Looking Glass. Dipping in to erase the day, Charlie cozies up to the bar, and orders a drink. As he takes in his surroundings, Charlie notices a woman to his left. Her beauty assaults his senses - she is swathed in white from head to toe. She notices him staring, and asks, “Excuse me, but do you have the time?”

Bianca Lapin is in a hurry. Her platinum white hair cascades down her back, as she sits inside The Looking Glass, tapping her fingers anxiously against the bar. Noticing a sharply dressed gentleman taking a seat beside her, she quickly averts her eyes and glances, again, at the clock. Asking the man for the time, she begins to panic at his response. “I’m late!” With that, she hops off her stool and darts toward the back of the pub.

“But wait!” she hears as she races off.

Taking a last sip, Charlie’s curiosity gets the better of him. Leaving his stool to keep his scotch company, he follows the mysterious pale beauty. Suddenly, the crowd seems to thicken, and he can’t quite keep her in his line of vision. Finally, the crowd parts, but it’s too late. She has vanished.

Creeping down the long, dim hallway, Charlie notices a door at the end that appears slightly ajar. Racing toward it, his shoe catches on something, catapulting him through the doorway and downward he goes. Laying on the ground for a moment giving his eyes time to adjust to the dark, Charlie hears maniacal laughing.

“How d’ya do?”

Looking up, he sees a tall, slim, honey-skinned girl with pigtails and stripes reaching a graceful hand down to him. Grateful for the help, he grasps her hand… and she shakes it.

“I’m Tweedle De De - How d’ya do? State your name and business.”

As Charlie brushes off his knees, he begins to explain that he was just following a curious woman in white.

“There she is!” he points as a flash of white rounds the corner.

With that, Charlie and Tweedle De De are off, hot on the tail of the woman in white.

They walk toward a hazy and dimly lit space. Charlie hears more laughter and the sound of clinking glasses. Heading toward the action, he finds himself suddenly at a long table but can’t quite make out who is at the other end.

“May I pour?” a voice asks Charlie.

A slender woman with a large feathered chapeaux looks eagerly at Charlie as he nods.

“Haddy Madigan,” she says as she reaches for his glass...