Tonner Catalog Archive

Welcome to our archive of past catalogs!  Enjoy viewing the rich history of the Tonner Doll Company and the many collections which have brought endless hours of enjoyment to collectors around the world.  Click on the images below to select the catalog you wish to open. 

Once open, you can enjoy viewing the catalog online, you may print any catalog (by going to File, Print...), or you can save the catalog to your computer (by going to File, Save As...).  Enjoy dear collectors!


2010 Catalogs

Tonner 2010 Pop Culture Catalog


2009 Catalogs



2008 Catalogs











2008 Tonner Fall Holiday Catalog


2007 Catalogs

2007 Tonner Mainline Catalog         2007 Tonner Fall Holiday Catalog         2007 Effanbee Catalog


2006 Catalogs

2006 Tonner Mainline Catalog         2006 Tonner Fall Holiday Catalog


2005 Catalogs

2005 Tonner Mainline Catalog        2005 Tonner Fall Holiday Catalog       


2004 Catalogs

2004 Tonner Mainline Catalog        2004 Tonner Fall/Holiday Catalog        2004 Tonner Brochure        2004 Tonner Matt O'Neil Catalog


2003 Catalogs

2003 Tonner Mainline Catalog        2003 Tonner Fall/Holiday Catalog        2003 Betsy McCall Catalog        2003 Tonner Chicago Catalog


2002 Catalogs

2002 Tonner Mainline Catalog        2002 Tonner Fall/Holiday Catalog


2001 Catalogs

2001 Tonner Mainline Catalog        2001 Tyler Wentworth Catalog


2000 Catalogs

2000 Tonner Mainline Catalog        2000 Tyler Wentworth Briefcase        2000 Tyler Wentworth Fall/Holiday


1999 Catalogs

1999 Tonner Catalog        1999 Tyler Wentworth Catalog


1998 Catalogs

1998 Tonner Mainline Catalog        1998 Betsy McCall Catalog


1997 Catalogs

1997 Tonner Mainline Catalog        1997 Betsy McCall Catalog


1996 Catalog

1996 Tonner Mainline Catalog


1995 Catalog

1995 Tonner Mainline Catalog    


1994 Sales Materials

1994 Tonner Sales Materials


1993 Sales Materials

1993 Tonner Sales Sheet        1993 Tonner Sales Materials