Shipping Schedule

Dear Collectors - please note that the dates below indicate when we expect product to arrive at our warehouse.  Please allow a few days for processing prior to shipment of orders.  Thank you!


2014 Shipping Schedule:

Sku Description Expected to Arrive
E14HTDD01 Beach Day In Stock
E14HTDD02 Kickits In Stock
E14HTDD03 Grins & Giggles In Stock
E14PTBD01 Basic Trixie Backordered
E14PTDD01 All Dressed Up Patsy In Stock
E14PTDD02 Easy Breezy Patsy In Stock
E14PTDD03 Pink Peppermint Patsy In Stock
E14PTDD04 Patsy Play Date In Stock
E14PTDD05 Buttercup Trixie In Stock
E14PTOF01 Cotton Casual In Stock
E14PTOF02 Keeping Warm In Stock
E14PTOF03 Nighty Night Sleep Tight - Outfit In Stock
E14PYBD01 Basic Patsyette In Stock
E14PYDD01 Patsyette Spun Sugar In Stock
E14PYOF01 Sheer Delight 9/5/2014
E14PYOF02 Cotton Candy In Stock
T14AMBD01 1950's Basic American Model In Stock
T14AMBD02 American Model - AA Basic In Stock
T14AMDD01 Victorian Romance In Stock
T14AMOF01 The Glass Slipper In Stock
T14AMOF02 Twilight Dance In Stock
T14BBDD01 SHELDON COOPER - First Edition In Stock
T14CJDD01 Party Bold Jon In Stock
T14CJDD02 Party Lace Cami In Stock
T14CJDD03 Party Stripes Cami In Stock
T14CJDD04 Party Print Liu Liu In Stock
T14DCDD02 CATWOMAN 1966 In Stock
T14DVBD02 Changing Mood - Penelope #1 In Stock
T14DVBD03 Anne De Leger Basic Brown In Stock
T14DVBD04 Emma Jean Basic Mink In Stock
T14DVBD05 Emma Jean Basic Flame In Stock
T14DVBD06 Judy's Ready to Wear TBD
T14DVDD01 Countryside Visit In Stock
T14DVDD02 Moonlit Romance In Stock
T14DVDD03 Spicy Night In Stock
T14DVDD04 Red Hot In Stock
T14DVDD05 Emma Jean's City Style TBD
T14DVDD06 Emma Jean's Sterling Night In Stock
T14DVDD07 Penelope's Gala Debut In Stock
T14DVDD08 Lady of the Court 9/1/2014
T14DVDD09 Emma Jean's Grand Drama 9/1/2014
T14DVDD10 Fleur de Minuit TBD
T14DVOF01 Polished In Stock
T14DVOF02 Thoroughly Modern In Stock
T14DVOF03 Crisis Calm In Stock
T14DVOF04 Artist Muse 9/1/2014
T14GWDD01 22" Portrait Scarlett In Stock
T14GWDD02 Dressing Gown In Stock
T14KTDD01 Captivating Kitty In Stock
T14KTDD02 Kitty's Lunch Date In Stock
T14KTDD03 Stripes Suit Me! In Stock
T14KTOF02 Dancing Stripes In Stock
T14RTDD01 Classical In Stock
T14RTDD02 Spring Time In Stock