Shipping Schedule

2015 Shipping Schedule:

Sku Description Expected to Arrive
E15PTDD01 Lacy Summer Day In Stock
E15PTDD02 Autumn Days In Stock
E15PTOF01 Patsy Loves to Read In Stock
E15PTOF02 Rise & Shine  In Stock
E15PYDD01 Sweet & Simple In Stock
E15PYDD02 Little Alice In Stock
T14JADD01 Jupiter Ascending Jupiter Jones In Stock
T14JADD02 Jupiter Ascending In Stock
T14JADD03 Caine TBA
T15AMDD01 Garden Walk Sold Out
T15DCBD01 DIANA Basic In Stock
T15DCDD01 DIANA In Stock
T15DCDD02 Golden Princess In Stock
T15DCDD03 Special Agent Diana Prince In Stock
T15DCDD04 Bombshell - Supergirl In Stock
T15DCDD05 Batgirl 1966 TBA
T15DCDD06 Bombshell - Harley Quinn TBA
T15DCDD07 Bombshell - Wonder Woman 8/3/2015
T15DCEO01 18" Supergirl Outfit TBA
T15DCEO02 18" Wonder Woman Outfit TBA
T15DCOF01 Winter Princess In Stock
T15DCOF02 Beauty and Strength In Stock
T15DCOF03 Stars & Stripes In Stock
T15FTDD01 Tweedle DeDe 8/3/2015
T15FTDD02 Bianca Lapin TBA
T15FTDD03 Haddy Madigan TBA
T15FTDD04 Charlie Dodgson 8/7/2015
T15GWDD01 I'll Never Be Hungry Again In Stock
T15GWDD02 Shanty Town Sold Out
T15KTDD01 Tiny Kitty, Perfectly Pink In Stock
T15MWBD01 Marley Deluxe Basic 8/7/2015
T15MWDD01 Positive/Negative TBA
T15MWDD02 Rose, Rouge 8/3/2015
T15MWDD03 Skyline Blue TBA
T15MWOF02 Crazy Nights Marley TBA
T15MWOF03 Cool Chic 8/3/2015
T15OZDD02 Evening Evil In Stock
T15OZEO01 18" Dorothy Outfit TBA
T15OZEO02 18" Glinda Outfit TBA
T15OZEO03 18" Wicked Witch Outfit TBA
T15OZEO04 18" Flying High TBA
T15OZEO05 18" On a Bubble TBA
T15RTDD01 Spring Flowers TBA
T15RTEA01 Brown Braided Wig TBA
T15RTEA02 Side Part Black Wig TBA
T15RTEA03 Side Part Blonde Wig TBA
T15RTEA04 Long Red Bangs Wig TBA
T15RTEB01 My Imagination Starter Blonde TBA
T15RTEB02 My Imagination Starter Brunette TBA
T15RTEB03 My Imagination Starter Redhead TBA
T15RTEB04 My Imagination Deluxe Basic TBA
T15SBGS01 Fashion First Snoopy & Belle In Stock
T15SYBD01 Just Sindy Blonde 8/3/2015
T15SYBD02 Just Sindy Redhead 8/3/2015
T15SYDD01 Sindy's Perfect Day 8/3/2015
T15SYDD02 Sindy's Urban Safari 8/3/2015
T15SYDD03 Just Like a Princess 8/3/2015
T15SYOF01 Sindy's Sun Shower 8/3/2015
T15SYOF02 Sindy's Casual Saturday 8/3/2015
T15SYOF03 Sindy's Ship Shape 8/3/2015