Tonner Doll--Marley Wentworth

Marley Wentworth Archive

Did you think you’d heard it all from the Wentworth family?

In 1999, a young, inexperienced Tyler Wentworth took over the House of Wentworth from her Great Aunt Regina.  The luxurious collection Tyler showed her first season immediately made her a fashion design star. Marley, Tyler’s younger sister, also showed an interest and a talent in fashion design.  But it was Marley’s keen eye for fashion missteps that developed very early, whereas Tyler learned the hard way.  At the fall fashion show Marley, just 12 years old at the time, suggested Tyler not show a series of cropped coats, saying “they just don’t look right.” Tyler responded with a typical big sister dismissal and showed the coats anyway.  However, she learned her lesson when Fashion Design Weekly reviewed the line and wrote:

”The otherwise flawless line was disrupted by those cropped coats.  One question—what was she thinking?”
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