Doll Care 101

Hair Care
Our fashion dolls with rooted hair have been meticulously crafted using the finest saran. Saran fiber will hang and move like real human hair and is of superior quality compared to other synthetics fibers. We do not recommend “taking down” a doll's hairstyle (typically because the hair has been cut and styled accordingly for the manufactured style, and taking down a hair style may yield inconsistent results), and we have to warn that you need to proceed with great caution in working with either wigs or rooted hair fiber. If you need to clean or refresh your doll’s saran fiber hair, the following tips can guide you. Unlike human hair, saran hair is a synthetic material and should be treated differently. Most beauty salons and wig shops sell shampoo and conditioner for synthetic wigs. There are also many “dolly supply” shops that sell shampoos specifically for saran hair. Using a specialized shampoo keeps knotting and frizzing at bay. One resource we recommend for doll care products is 'Twin Pines of Maine' - visit their website by clicking here.

Many collectors also prefer to wash the hair just like their delicate fabrics. A little Wool-lite® diluted in water will gently clean the saran hair, and a touch of diluted fabric softener will make it manageable.

Tonner Dolls with saran hair are very carefully styled by experienced professionals. Be extra careful when exposing saran to any heat source (hot air or hot water)...saran hair must be very carefully set using delicate and precise methods of heat exposure to the fibers...and it can melt very easily! We do not recommend any method to 'heat set' saran hair styles as they can often result in unpredictable results.

For wigged is imperative you do not get the scalp wet when rinsing wigs...this can degrade the scalp glue over time. Also...always dry wigs naturally in open air without any extreme temperatures. Our doll hospital can guide you in cleaning a variety of natural fiber and synthetic fiber wigs.

Clothing Care
As with all fine fabrics, Tonner doll clothing requires special handling. We recommend you consult your professional dry cleaner for best results. Although some cottons and synthetics can be hand laundered with mild detergent, please bear in mind that any fabric exposed to water may result in shrinkage. If you must launder using water, never dry in a drying machine...lay flat on white paper towels to naturally air dry. If you have the slightest question regarding fabric care, never hesitate to contact our doll hospital.

Vinyl/Hard Plastic Care
Most vinyls and hard plastics can easily be cleaned using a mild soap and water solution...and a dry, clean white paper towel...this will best remove surface dirt. Since vinyl is porous, it can absorb remove these stains within the vinyl, we recommend you contact our doll hospital for assistance...there are several remedies available for such stain removal, but you must always be cautious to not place any such solutions over a painted will remove the paint, too - or it may discolor the vinyl! One resource we recommend for doll care products is 'Twin Pines of Maine' - visit their website by clicking here.

Hard Plastics? Well...take extra care...whereas they are not porous like vinyl...and they can resist stains much better; they are not completely immune from staining (especially when certain chemicals are involved!). Cleaners ordinarily used for vinyls can melt hard can other caustic chemicals ordinarily used for cleaning. Take extra care when exposing hard plastic to any cleaning solution other than mild soap and water...and contact our doll hospital if you have questions! One resource we recommend for doll care products is 'Twin Pines of Maine' - visit their website by clicking here.

Many collectors rave about using the miniature keyboard vacuum cleaners available in computer supply or office supply stores...and while you are there, check out the mini cans of compressed air (also for cleaning electronic components) - they work wonderfully!