Deja Vu - Sketches

Deja Vu

Penelope Brewster, Production Assistant

Penelope couldn’t wait for her first day at work.  She had always admired the movies her boss produced—however, she didn’t know he would be so tough!
For her first day at work, Penelope wears a graphic tee with an Asian theme under a cotton knit striped cardigan.  Her flirty skirt was just the right thing for looking cool on a hot California afternoon.
Penelope is 16” tall and made of the finest vinyl and hard plastic.  Her hand-painted features compliment the original sculpt.  That unique face is framed by dark red rooted saran hair.  Penelope loves accessories and this outfit was ideal for a few fun things she had in her closet—and the tan shoes are just the perfect finish for the outfit.

Penelope Brewster, Around Town
Penelope loves exploring her new neighborhood, and it didn’t take her long to realize that LA is much different than New York!
Penelope throws on a favorite striped scarf to counter the unusual morning chill.  It’s the perfect thing over her lime green graphic tank, aqua jeans and bright blue blazer.
The whole look is grounded with a pair of natural high heel sandals.
Penelope comes dressed in this outfit.  She is 16”tall and is made of the finest vinyl and hard plastic.  A luxurious mane of pale blonde rooted saran hair frames her hand-painted features.  Her stand makes sure she stays on her feet after a long day of jetting around town!

Deja Vu - Modern

Emma Jean McGowen, Basic

Emma Jean McGowen was born in the Mid-west but even a loving family couldn’t keep her from the glamour of New York City.  While working in New York, Emma Jean met Randolph Miller—and it was love at first sight.
Emma Jean loves the twenties fashions, and for any proper flapper, the right look starts with the appropriate undergarments.  Emma Jean wears a camisole of rose pink satin with black lace trim.  Her black mid-thigh hose are just this side of nautghy.  Emma sports the newest hairdo—the flapper bob—in both black or red rooted saran.  Emma is 16” tall and made of the finest hard plastic and vinyl.  Her hand-painted face features sultry red lips and smokey eyes.  Black t-strap shoes and a specially crafted stand keep her on her feet!

A Slight Chill
Emma Jean feels a slight chill as she steps out for a night on the town.  It’s strange—she’s dressed in a warm crushed velvet coat with fur collar and cuffs.  She should be warm.  Maybe it’s a premonition of things to come.  But what could go wrong?  It was Wednesday October, 23rd.  The next day would answer that question.
At the nightclub, Emma Jean removed her coat to reveal a stunning navy silk lamé dress with embroidery and sequin trim.  She wore a pair of her favorite stockings, worn with her t-strap shoes.  She especially loved her tiny hat worn over her rooted, pale blonde marcelled waves.  This was also a night to bring out her special jewelry for her date with Randolph Miller.  Emma Jean is a 16” dressed doll made of the finest vinyl and hard plastic.  She has decadent flapper hand-painted makeup and stands tall with her specially designed stand.

Dancing the Night Away
It was love at first sight—with this dress, that is.  After looking for far too long, Emma Jean stumbled across this frock of pale rose chiffon woven with a hint of golden lamé.  A question that Emma Jean frequently asked herself was could a person over-accessorize?  The answer that she most often came up with was no.  Let’s see…..a feather headband, metallic hose and shoes, decadent beads and a golden faux fox stole—that should just about do it!  “Now”, Emma Jean thought, “let’s go dancing!”

Deja Vu - 1920s

Anne De Leger Basic-blonde

It was her first night back at Versailles and one thing that Anne was sure of was that the correct undergarments were the key to a proper silhouette. Anne slips on a fitted linen camisole over a white cotton blouse and slim, simple petticoat.  With her simple bowed pump, Anne is ready to dress!   Standing 16” tall, Anne is made of the finest vinyl and hard plastic.  She has hand-painted features, applied eyelashes and a beautiful coif of rooted pale blonde saran.  Her pedestal stand keeps her on her feet.

La Vie de Versailles
Although she wasn’t born of royalty, one certainly couldn’t tell when Anne showed up at court in her stunning gown of pewter and tan striped taffeta.  Anne loved the beaded trim on the skirt and the hand-applied ruching that trimmed the skirt.  The dress seemed to take forever to make, but the result was worth it—especially when even the Prince took notice.
Anne, dressed for life at Versailles, is 16” tall and made of the finest vinyl and hard plastic.  Her rooted auburn saran hair is piled high on her head to make quite an impression.  She has delicately hand-painted features and stands confidently on her pedestal stand.

Ma Petite Rose
Anne felt like real royalty when she tried on her newest gown. The pale pink silk-like taffeta gown looked as fresh as the just-bloomed roses in the palace garden.  In fact, the garden had inspired her to add the floral touches to the skirt and bodice of the dress.  Embroidery trim and lace add just the right finishing touches.  A hat of taffeta and feathers set the dress off in the most elegant way.  
Anne’s lovely outfit-only gown comes with her hat and shoes.

Deja Vu - Versailles