Wilde Imagination Weekend! – Secret Garden Centerpieces, Events, Competition Recap (Pics Day 2)

Secret Garden Joys

Wilde Imagination Secret Garden 2012 was going full blast on Saturday and we have the pictures to prove it. The full Secret Garden agenda is here in PDF if you want to follow along, but below are a collection of photos and links to their albums on the Wilde Imagination Facebook page, capturing just some of the great coverage Michelle was giving us. Enjoy this recap and be sure to click on the blue title to see more of any photo set. There was a lot going on, and MORE today too. See the Day 1 highlights here.



Jewelry Workshop with Marcia Friend!!


Appalachian Springs Category for Competition


Clashing Colors Category for Competition


Midnight At Cave Hill for Competition


Imperium Showboat Category for Competition…


Tea With Daisy & Tom Buchanan Category for Competition


Flowers Gone Wilde Category for Competition…


RaffleROOM Antics!! So many pretties, choices, choices!!


Weekend at the Manor Event Starts OutSide the room…


INSIDE the stage is set with glorious attendees…


WEEKEND at the MANOR – candid shots, PRE and on the TABLE!!


Parnilla – LE of 150, hard plastic and selling for $199.00 stand alone


Evangeline LE of 150, hard plastic and selling for $199.00 stand alone
Mortimer – Companion Doll, LE of 100 and selling for $199.00 stand alone


Weeping Rose Hat – table favor, LE of 300, $25.00

Incredible Beauties from Weekend at the Manor!!


Fall 2012 Midnight Waltz Evangeline dressed hard plastic, wigged will sell for $175.00
Fall 2012 In the Shadows (outfit only) WITH WIG $150.00


Click Here to see the full FALL 2012!!! SNEEK PEAK!! FOR EVANGELINE


Durelle Brown – Luggage Workshop


“this is an amazing costumer, Mark, he has been sharing with us for every event a new dress he has made!”

A Secret Garden – Dinner Event Featuring HATS!!


HATS!! Oh my, stunning hats!!!


Eric, Maria, Crispin and Jack!!

INSIDE the amazing room filled with Garden Party Frills and FUN!


Wilde Imagination – Secret Garden Rose – Ellowyne LE of 300 $175.00
Wilde Imagination – Secret Garden Ivy Lizette, LE 200, $175.00
Wilde Imagination – Secret Garden Iris Amber – LE 200, $175.00
Wilde Imagination – Secret Garden Daffodil Prudence, LE 200, $175.00

Secret Garden Centerpieces…


MORE reCAPping from TONIGHT! Hat Contest WINNERS!!


Robert Tonner and Marty with Meg looking on

TWO special Awards from Meg Hunt and Competition!


a FUN signing with Robert and Joe!!


Unveiling of Ellowyne Secret Garden Rose…


Staging for tonight! WOW! All hands on deck!


8:30-10:30PM DANCE Party in Rathskeller, down in the basement!!




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