Lizette Fever is Catching! – the new Wilde Imagination Doll Has People Talking

Black doll historian Debbie Garrett today saw Robert’s YouTube sneak peek of the forthcoming Lizette Dionne (reposted below from yesterday), and just had to put up a blog post right away. She is as excited as we all are!

Who (of if you think of them as objects, what) is 16 inches, will be available in two (dark) skin tones with painted eyes, as a wigged out version and also with rooted hair, shares the Ellowyne (Wilde) body and access to her extensive wardrobe, and will have her very own storyline????

Answer: Lizette Dionne of Wilde Imagination!

When: Early 2012 with a debut at IDEX.

I just visited the Wilde Imagination Facebook fan page where Lizette is currently the featured doll. Click and see…

News about Lizette has me pumped up.  I haven’t been this excited about a doll in a while and look forward to learning more about her!

join the conversation with Debbie here on her blog

Debbie has been in conversation with Michelle over at Wilde Imagination. If you’d like to ask any more questions about Lizette feel free to contact Michelle at, or at the Wilde Imagination Facebook page which she manages with so much spirit!

Once in a while there are just dolls that come along that capture the imagination and it is looking like Lizette Dionne is going to be one of those.

4 responses to “Lizette Fever is Catching! – the new Wilde Imagination Doll Has People Talking

  1. Love Both new dolls! The Tyler is amazing, I love her dress and hair. The Lizette doll is tres jolie she must be French she is so elegant!

  2. I’ve never been so excited for a new doll to. She’s a breath of fresh air! Love her distinct exotic face and look. Also,I can’t already wait for her storyline!

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