2011 Tonner Halloween Convention: Scary Tales – Events Announced!

Hey everyone!! Long time, no blog, right?  Well, I’ve been a very busy beaver with our new software system since the dawn of July, and things are just now begining to settle down for me…  So back to the fun stuff, like blogging!

The Tonner Halloween Convention is almost upon us!  We know you all were simply desperate to get the event themes, so you could plan your costumes accordingly, since costuming is half the fun….  the other half being the dolls!

Today, Miss Nancy announced the event themes to all registered attendees, but there is still a little bit of room left for anyone who wants to join in the fun!  The overall theme for this year’s H-Con is Scary Tales (get it?  Not fairy tales, scary  tales… because it’s Halloween!!), and the events and themes are as follows :


Friday, October 28th  7pm-9pm – Scary Tales: Alice in Wonderland! Use your re-imagination and join us in some trick-or-treat fun! Slide down the rabbit hole and take a seat at the Mad Hatter’s table, where you’ll see whimsical characters who may or may not be found in Alice’s mad, mad world!  According to the Cheshire Cat, companion pieces will be available, but whatever you do, beware of the Queen of Hearts, or you just might leave without your head! *spooky laugh*






Friday, October 28th  11:30pm-12:15am – Midnight in the Garden of Wilde Imagination!  Join us for a spooktacular Midnight event , where anything can happen in the delicate time halfway between sunrise and sunset!  Midnight calls upon the supernatural creatures of darkness to haunt the night, and this night will be no exception!  In addition to a bit of Wilde Midnight Mayhem, three very limited edition dolls exclusively themed for Halloween, will be available:  Ellowyne, Evangeline Ghastly, and a sweet, little Amelia Thimble Gift Set!  Get your Goth and ghoul on, and join us for an unearthly walk at Midnight in the Garden of Wilde Imagination!


Saturday, October 29th  11am-1pm – Scary Tales:  Cinderella!  Join us for brunch, where things take a disturbing turn in this re-imagined Scary Tale!  Cinderella’s Scary Godmother transforms her for the ball, but not into a princess…  You’ll find no trace of the Disney classic here, but instead, a scary, ghoulish, zombie-fied theme!  Beware of the Evil Stepmother, or you just might find out firsthand what really happened to Cinderella and her carriage at the stroke of 12….  And it wasn’t turning into a pumpkin!  At the Evil Stepsister’s request, a special companion piece will be available, so don’t miss this eerie event!






Saturday, October 29th  6pm- 8pm – Scary Tales:  The Beast… and Beauty!  For this frighteningly fun, bloodcurdling banquet event, think gothic, glamour and scary sophistication!  Be our guest as the terrifying Beast seeks out someone to break the curse…  But, alas, this dark and spooky scary tale doesn’t end like the movies!   Join us for some hairy heartbreak, as the half-man-half-beast seeks out his one true love… and then frightens her to death!  Don’t worry, though, if you play your cards right, you just might escape with your life… and your souvenir doll!

Sunday, October 30th  9am-11am – Harry Potter’s World of Wizardry Breakfast!  For the first time EVER, Tonner is holding a Harry Potter event, where a BRAND NEW version of a never-before seen Harry Potter Tonner Character Figure® will be debuted!  Join us for a magical breakfast, and dress in your Hogwarts finery!  Come as your favorite wizard, Professor, or re-imagined character, and enjoy a little Sunday Morning alchemy with the Tonner gang!





For more info, visit our Tonner H-Con Headquarters online!  We hope you’ll join us… if you DARE!!!

6 responses to “2011 Tonner Halloween Convention: Scary Tales – Events Announced!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for Harry Potter’s World of Wizardry Breakfast. I look forward to … Especially Professor … I’d be happy even if you did Draco Malfoy … Thank you once again …

    1. You bet, Milla! Glad you’re pumped for it, it will be a delight, no doubt! Thanks for leaving a comment !

      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

  2. The whole program sounds absolutely terrific, I hope I can go! Ooooh, Harry Potter! I would LOVE a new scaled version of Professor Snape, but if it is “never-before seen”, perhaps the new character will be Neville (let it be so)!

    1. Hi nonesuch@yahoo.com!

      Well, our lips are sealed, but we can assure you that it will be a sight to behold! We’ll be making a little bit of Tonner/Harry Potter history that day! It’s going to be MAGICAL!! Pun intended! Thanks for dropping us a line, nonesuch@yahoo.com 🙂

      See you at H-Con!

      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

  3. Hello, as soon as a friend told me there was a Harry Potter event while at MDCC I decided this year I would go to Tonner’s Halloween! My first and I am very excited. As soon as I arrived home I registered. Now for a ‘newbie’ question 🙂 I see you get a fashion doll with registration, but I also see event dolls described for meals etc(like Harry Potter Breakfast). What I don’t see is any way to register/pay to receive the extra dolls.At my first MDCC I followed directions etc and registered for each extra event doll I wanted. Since I really want the extra dolls I thought I had better make sure and find out how to get them 🙂 Thanks and I am ready to come!!!

    1. Hi Jessie!

      We’re so excited that you’ll be joining us at Halloween Con!!! You’re in for a real *treat* (pun intended!), and we can’t wait to meet you! You basically get your dolls at each event, and any extras are either sent to the sales room and sold there, or you’re entered into a raffle to win the chance to purchase the extras (this is the case with the centerpiece dolls). If you’ve got any more questions, a great resource for newbies is our Yahoo Convention Group, and I’m having an invite sent to your email. This is a wonderful group of convention goers and a great place to share your excitement and gain a better handle on what will transpire once in Burlington!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a comment conveying your excitement! We’re looking forward to meeting you, Jessie!

      Joanne Canapini
      Community Manager

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