Zombie Walk 2012: Toronto, Hallowe’en Week by James Griffen

Guest Post

We love parades here in Toronto. It seems that we have a parade for everything! This past weekend, on Saturday October 20th, 2012, Toronto celebrated The Tenth Anniversary of the Zombie Walk.

I like to go as a spectator. (Maybe I’m a Spooktator?) I love the energy. It’s nice to see Zombies of all ages. It’s really great to see Zombie families walking hand in hand.

Here are a few pictures of Toronto’s Walking Dead, featuring Tonner’s Zombie Boy figure! Happy viewing. Happy Walking.

Rico and some of his Zombie friends.




Walkers. It looked a little like cast reunion of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video.


Zombies everywhere.


Zombie families hand in hand. The action was so fast at times that it appears that the Zombies blurred their own images.


Big fan of Zombie Boy. This Zombie Lady liked to chew on fingers. She also asked me to take pictures of her on her cell phone too. [Just preserving those Zombie memories.] She spoke, while many were screaming.


Happy Hallowe’en!


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