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NOW AVAILABLE AT  http://www.tonnerdoll.com/zombie-boy – SOLD OUT AS OF 7-27

Comic Con San Diego 2012 was last week.  And as expected, it was a sold out weekend!  In case you missed it, we had a special doll at Comic Con this year and a special guest to go with it – Zombie Boy (Rico the Zombie aka Rick Genest). He has a most amazing story.  You can visit his website and read all about him.  It’s definitely a fascinating story and worth reading.

Rico is known most for his body art/tattoos which are right there in plain site for everyone to see.  This seems to be a polarizing topic for discussion.  Either people think it’s amazing or  – not so much.  Personally, I think it’s amazing. As anyone who has ever had a tattoo will tell you, getting one is not a piece of cake.  There is pain involved.  And sometimes, depending on the location of the tattoo, a LOT of pain.  I can’t imagine what he had to endure for his art. He has become famous not only for his body art, but also for being featured in a Lady Gaga video – Born This Way, walking the runway in major fashion shows and a side show performer.  He is also a social media phenom having over 75,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook.  And now he is also a character figure.  The  Zombie Boy figure by Tonner Doll is amazing. (Interview with Robert Tonner) Same exact tattoos – a real piece of art.  Here are a few more links with info about Rico the Zombie:

And, if you’re like me, you love those cell phone apps!  It just so happens that there is a new app out that is a game called Zombie Hit that features Rico in the game and I’m warning you right now, it’s ADDICTIVE!!  lol  And it’s FREE!  (gotta love that)  The app is featured on his website as well as in the App store.

How does this all tie together?  You just never know where the doll world is going to take you.  I guess that’s what I love most about it.  It’s not just collecting dolls, but it’s collecting stories and meeting people and sharing…. So I’m sharing this with you!  🙂

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the link back to the Q&A I did with Robert Tonner. This really is a fascinating doll and I can’t wait to receive mine. 🙂

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