Zombie Boy: Rico aka Ric Genest – Fan Review by James Griffen

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Zombie Boy – Rick Genest

Two weeks ago I received my Zombie Boy doll from Tonner Doll Company. I was very excited to finally order him and even happier to receive him!

I knew about Rico because of his video appearance in Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” video.






When I first got him, I paid attention to the Product Description that suggested that extra care was needed in playing and posing Rico, as his body-art was made up of Paint and Tattoo Decals.

Certificate of Authenticity was Autographed by Rico.

His basic outfit consists of his semi-low-rise pleather pants [with nude pantyhose liner], socks and his motorcycle style boots. Boots have a zipper in the back.

First photos, just out of the box, before I sealed the artwork.


Below: The body-artwork on his back. The tattoos do go south and to the doll’s buttocks. There isn’t any ink-artwork on his legs.

I initially thought that his pants were lined, but when I took his pants down to seal the tattoos, I saw that the pants are not lined, but the doll had on some nude Tonner pantyhose on him, presumably to to protect him from any staining from his pants. Very good idea! We know that this may not the absolute best idea for NRBR collectors, but it did get him to my place safely. I have sealed him twice.

His body-art.

His pleather pants with belt details and motorcycle boots.

His face-paint, head tattoos and piercings.

After sealing Rico’s Ink, his modeling career began at my place.








Picture below: I took him outside, on location last week. He became my Travel Doll for the day. Doll Conventioneers and Doll Friends, who meet for meetings, know that these dolls accompany us on a venture. He came with me to Allan Gardens (Floral) Conservatory here in Toronto. His sunglasses are Tonner Doll Company sunglasses and his white denim vest is from R&D’s boy resin “Angel” line of dolls.

All in all.. I am very happy to own this doll. He certainly isn’t for everyone, but those of us who do have him, love him! I have posted some of these pictures on Lady Gaga’s fan based site, (that she manages) called Little Monsters, with the hope that she sees him. I have Tagged her in the doll’s pictures. It would be great if she saw him and wanted him.. unfortunately it won’t do her any good as the doll is Sold Out. LOL 😀

Thanks for the opportunity to write about him.


6 responses to “Zombie Boy: Rico aka Ric Genest – Fan Review by James Griffen

  1. Great post, James! Could you tell us what material you used to seal his tatoos, please?
    Also, if Lady Gaga wants to own this doll (and I can’t imagine she wouldn’t), I am certain that her people can figure out a way to get her one! She probably doesn’t have to wait in line or go on eBay like the rest of us!
    Peggy in Boulder

    1. Hi Peggy, I did a teeny bit of research to see what could be done without having to purchase a spray gun. I decided to go with Liquitex Matte Varnish. I brushed it on, then let dry for overnight. (I went to bed) and then did another coating the next day. I chose Matte because I thought of the way Tattoos normally age. (Not new and glossy) and I went with that. I really wanted to protect the artwork, so I did it right away before too many redressed photo-sessions happened.

      Good luck with it!

      1. Thanks, James. I”m an artist, and use Matte Medium in my paintings, so I’ll try it with a “practice doll” and see how it works for me!

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