Wonder Woman Part 7: FAO Schwarz Exclusive Trunkset – by Jason Wright

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Welcome to Part 7 in an ongoing series detailing Tonner’s line of Wonder Woman dolls! So far we’ve taken a look at every Wonder Woman doll and outfit from Tonner’s first attempt in porcelain and moving through the first year and a half with the DC Stars series. Here’s a brief rundown of where we’ve been:

PART 1: 19″ Porcelain
PART 2: 16″ DC Stars Wonder Woman first release
PART 3: 16″ Amazonian Princess doll and outfit, Office Savvy outfit
PART 4: 16″ Amazonian Warrior
PART 5: 16″ Justice Protector
PART 6: 16″ Diana of Themyscira “Women of Power”

Quite an impressive line-up so far, all designed by the WONDERful team at Tonner, but only the dolls in Part 1 and Part 2 were taken directly from the comic book. At this point in time most WW fans and collectors that I talked to were beginning to think that since Tonner had created WW in her “Classic” outfit, they were going to do their own thing. Nothing wrong with that since most of them were really inspired and offered a different take on our favorite hero, but based on past history from Mego and Mattel we never knew if the latest release would be the last. Frustration began to settle in among many of us since we knew Tonner had the ability to offer awesome dolls, yet most of them weren’t faithful adaptions of the comics or the Lynda Carter series. All of that frustration (well, most of it) went by the wayside with Tonner’s next release and topic of today’s post: The FAO Schwarz Limited Edition Trunkset! 🙂

Prototype pic by Tonner

Released as an exclusive to FAO Schwarz for the 2008 Holiday Season, the set was offered in their catalog as well as on their website. Featuring the first release DC Stars 16″ WW doll alongside 2 exclusive outfits available nowhere else. It’s based off a storyline in the comics where WW is killed during a battle by the villian “Neron” and ascends to Mount Olympus to become the “Goddess of Truth”.

While back on Earth, her mother Hippolyta, takes on the mantle of Wonder Woman and continues Diana’s mission in the outside world.

Finally!!! A Tonner product taken directly from the comics!!!!!!! Yes!! But ….ummm….there were two sticking points: 1) It was a limited edition to only 100 pieces *choke*, and 2) It cost a whopping $350.00 before tax and shipping *double choke*. So far, with all of the DC Stars Wonder Women I had time to raise funds to get them as they were released, but not this time. Financial difficulties meant that this item would have to fall by the wayside. By the time I got to a point that I could save, FAO sold out (at least all of us believed it had completely sold-out) and with only 100 pieces I thought it was lost to me forever. It was torture watching the message boards as other fans received their sets and began posting pictures….ugh!!!! Luckily, toward the end of January, FAO restocked their final shipment and I was able to get it one week before the final sellout. I got very lucky because not only did I get it by the skin of my teeth, FAO had a coupon code to offset the cost. Without the coupon it would have been impossible because the $350.00 would have turned into $425-450.00 after sales tax and shipping were added. After I got it, I knew at that moment I was committed for the long haul. It was a hard lesson to learn, but I knew from then on to try to be ready for whatever surprises Tonner may throw towards us Wonderfans. Their slogan should be the same as the “Big Brother” reality show: “Expect the Unexpected”, and if this didn’t qualify I don’t know what else would!

So, before we take a look I have to admit that the trunkset that I got from FAO will never be taken apart. Yes, I know that Tonner dolls are meant to be taken out of their packages and enjoyed, but this was just too nerve wracking to get. So, if I’m doing a review and I have pics of the individual outfits on the dolls, how did I manage that? Well……that’s easy!! 🙂 I got lucky again a few short months later when a complete set of the outfits were auctioned off on Ebay by a trustworthy seller. The price was right because bidding was very slow that day and I was surprised I had virtually no competition. So, now I could enjoy the outfits as well as a complete example of the set. I’m happy I decided to do this because I stumbled across a variation on the cape that I’ve never heard anyone mention. (We’ll get to that shortly).

The trunk is 16″ L x 8″ W x 19″ H and is constructed from thick cardboard covered in red (not blue like the protoype pic) with a gold tone metal latch and reinforced corners. A faux black leather handle is at the top and a Wonder Woman logo printed in full color finish out the outside.

When we open it up, we see that all of the contents are attached to white cardboard backing. The doll and accessories on the left and on the right, the outfits are mounted on 2 individual trays stacked one on top of the other.

The empty trunk features a nylon ribbon on the left to hold several dolls in place, while on the right a clothes rod is attached at the top. Two cardboard storage drawers with metal handles are at the bottom and 2 clear plastic hangers are included. A certificate of authenticity has also been packed in.

The doll included with this set has the same identical boots, bodysuit, metal belt and tiara as the first DC Stars 16″ WW reviewed HERE. The doll itself is identical except for an extra piece of protective plastic wrapped around her bust underneath the top part of her bodysuit. I’m not sure if this is a part of the 3,000 production run of the single doll, or if it’s a new run of 100 for this set. Regardless, it’s impossible to distinguish one from the other. The only thing different is that the gold metal bracelets included with the original have been replaced with plain silver pleather bracelets with velcro to attach them.

Included to go along with this outfit is a cape. Please note the variation on how it attaches around the doll’s neck. The outfit that I purchased seperately has the tie around neck piece just like the prototype. At first I thought this might be a fake until I saw video by Tonner at their convention last year which had a 16″ WW doll on display with the same identical cape.

Here we have the cape that came with the trunk that I briefly removed from the wrapper. It has a clasp with a small plastic gold star. I’m not sure if the cape with the tie was a running change or if it’s a replacement in case the cape with the clasp is defective. Either way, the variation does exist.

The outfits are exclusive to this set and weren’t officially named by Tonner. However they have been named by fans based on WW’s appearances in them in the comics.

First up is the “Goddes of Truth” outfit based on WW’s time as the Goddes of Truth taken directly from the comic book. She wore variations of this outfit during the storyline and this is one of them.


The tiara is worn with this outfit (the set only included ONE). It includes a white shiffon tunic with white attached briefs. A gold pleather shoulder pad is attached on the right shoulder with an embroidered =w= logo.

An asymmetrical unlined blue cape with a gold strap that attaches over the shoulder is included.

She also has a seperate gold pleather belt with an embroidered =w= logo on the front. It snaps in the back. Gold faux leather vambraces decorate her arms.

Her shoes are great, but the ties that come with them are difficult to keep tied because of the gold string that’s used. Other than that they’re a sight to behold.

Finally, we have my favorite, the “Warrior” outfit. Some call the “Amazon Warrior” while I’ve seen it referred to as the “Wonder Warrior” by a few fans. It’s commonly thought of as an amalgam of WW’s previous battle outfits from the comics. I agree with that 100%, but since Tonner translated Diana’s “Goddess of Truth” outfit, it’s not too much of a stretch to think the warrior outfit is based heavily off of Hippolyta’s Wonder Woman outfit from the same storyline.

Once again the single tiara included in this set is worn with this outfit. The outfit consists of a one piece top with clear straps and short skirt and seperate red panties (not pictured).

Faux leather sleeves based on her classic red and white boots attach with snaps and are very, very soft. Please note that the red is slightly darker than the boots.

And you can’t be a warrior without your resin sword and shield. The doll can hold the sword by a small clear plastic band, while the shield has twist-ties in the back to attach to her arm.

Overall this is such a cool item to have and I recommend it highly to anyone who happens to have a chance to buy one. The only shortcoming it has is that Tonner didn’t make any changes to the outfit that came with the doll. For the price of this an updated outfit with a skirt or an eagle emblem would have been welcome. Anything, really, to make the main doll different other than changing the bracelets out with faux silver leather.

*****Please note that new Wonder Woman dolls are used to model outfits that come with this set. Only ONE tiara and ONE set of red boots are included. I added an extra tiaras and boots to complete the look of each outfit for this photo.**********

Whew!! Well, one more down and several more to go! This will be the last we see of the 16″ Wonder Woman dolls for a while because right after this Tonner began experimenting with different sizes and costume upgrades. Join me next time as Tonner unleashes the 17″ Deluxe Wonder Woman!!




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  1. Thanks for another excellent review, Jason! I missed out on this fantastic set, so it was very nice to see close-up pics and a thorough description of the set pieces. I’d love to get my hands on this set one of these days!

  2. Hello,

    Would love to know if this will ever be reissued or if it is still available? If yes then where can it be purchased?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Alisa

      this is a sold out set – it won’t be reissued. The best place to look would be on sites like EBAY.
      thanks for the question


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