Wonder Woman Part 12: American Model 22″ – by Jason Wright

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Welcome to the final installment (at least for now) of our fond walk down memory lane taking a look a Tonner’s Wonder Woman and her companions. We’ve seen a lot of growth Tonner’s made over the years and you can trace that evolution from their original porcelain doll from 1998-99 all the way to today. Here’s a quick rundown along with links for each doll Tonner has produced up until this writing.

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PART 4: 16″ Amazonian Warrior
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PART 6: 16″ Diana of Themyscira “Women of Power”
PART 7: FAO Schwarz Trunk Set
PART 8: 17″ Deluxe Wonder Woman.
PART 9: 17″ Athena’s Champion, Circe, and Betsy McCall
PART 10: 13″ Wonder Woman and Artemis:
PART 11: 16″ Donna Troy

This time around we’re taking a look at what I believe is the ultimate Wonder Woman doll, the 22″ version.

When I started this series I wanted to review each doll in the order they were released and as I sat down to write this post I realized that the best had been saved for the very last purely by accident. Of course things change over time, and what I enjoy the most out of my hobbies (comics, toys, and now dolls) are the constant improvement and evolution that artists undergo in the process of creating their art and product I enjoy so much. Tonner is no exception, and despite not being totally on-board with some of the material and format choices that have been made, there’s no denying that it’s been a fun ride.

With that said, let’s get started.

Wonder Woman is a part of Tonner’s 2011 mainline collection. She’s 22″ tall, using the brand-new body from their “American Model” series and has the bloom skin tone. She’s a limited edition of 500 pieces and an original retail price of $349.99. She sold out rather quickly from Tonnerdirect last year which is surprising for something with a price point so high compared to other dolls. There’s no doubt that collectors love her and she only shows up for sale sporadically on Ebay when other current Tonner WW dolls are constantly available.

I freely admit that my photos don’t do her justice and I have yet to see any that do. All Tonner dolls have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated but this is one that will leave you in awe when you see her in person. The size and hefty weight of her is impressive and anything bigger would be going into mannequin territory. She’s the biggest, solid WW doll ever made and I think she’s proportioned better than any doll that Tonner has released. She can hold a variety of poses because the new body is articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, waist, hips and knees. Some of my pics make her head look out of proportion to the rest of her body but that’s just an optical illusion caused by the angle of my camera.

Her eyes are inset with applied lashes (a first for my collection) and add a special sparkle that definitely wouldn’t have been achieved with paint.

I like the facial sculpt, but I do wish it was a bit more angular or mature looking. Her face is a little child-like which makes this a very, very young version of our heroine. It’s also the exact same sculpt used on all the new American Model dolls so she does compliment that series very well. The funny thing about this is that since this is my first exposure to the 22″ line, all of the other American Models look like Wonder Woman to me! I just saw pics of the new Goth Basic 22″ and it’s WW dressed for Halloween. Very weird!

A dead ringer for WW, Tonner's new Deluxe Goth Basic 22" American Model


The improving and refining of the outfit continue with this release. The tiara is a separate accessory included in the box that you can put on yourself. I like it this way because I have fun adjusting it and fixing the hair the way I want it. It’s nice not having the tiara sewn to the head and not wrapped up in the hairset. It looks a little big in some photos, but it’s in scale to her overall head, including her hair.

Speaking of hair, it’s a generous amount of curled raven saran. Bouncy curls that are held in place by hair gel as always, this is definitely WW hair!

Her earrings are red enamel and compliment the red in her bustier and boots. Unlike the earrings for the smaller scale dolls, these were very easy for me to just push in. They’re my favorite pair of WW doll earrings!

The breastplate has been totally re-sculpted and is in perfect scale to the doll and her outfit. It’s anchored to her bustier which uses the same heavy duty glitter fabric as the 13″ and 17″ dolls that came before. A different material would have been welcome since this gives a little “been there, done that” vibe. It looks nice but with each new release I like to see new things added or changed. It’s a shame an opportunity to experiment with something different wasn’t taken with this part of her outfit. Still, the fabric does catch the light very well and it gives the outfit a little “zing”!

The belt is made from gold faux leather with gold cord trim with a snap enclosure in the back. Her magic lasso of truth is made from a nice thick gold cord and is in scale with the doll.

Her briefs are made out of blue satin with applied white stars, and I love the stitching on these! It’s exquisite and the blue matches the satin in the cape!

Her bracelets are made from the same faux silver leather and silver trim as other WW dolls and are held in place by Velcro. It would have been nice to see metal used instead, especially at this scale, but they look great.

I really like the new hands that were developed for this body, so much more expressive than the standard Tyler hands.

The boots are identical to the 17″ WW. Again, we’ve had this look on two other dolls and a change of pace would have been nice. Still, they’re constructed very well.

I love the cape! It’s very similar to the one included with the 17″ Deluxe. It’s made out of red, white and blue satin with a gold lame lining.

It’s held in place with a red and blue star closure.

It’s massive, measuring roughly 42″ wide by 20″ tall.

Half is made out of red and white panels…..

……while the other half is sold blue with white stars.

I’ve had a lot of fun just playing with the cape!

Although not intended to be reversible, I like to hook the cape wrong side out to give her different photo options.

Overall she’s very impressive and looking at her you get the feeling that you’re in the presence of Wonder Woman. That’s a sign of success to me and this one is very well done. The original DC Stars release is by far my favorite due to sentimental reasons, but this one is a very strong runner-up. I can’t recommend her highly enough even if a doll of this scale isn’t the main focus of a collection. She’s definitely a showpiece and something that any WW or doll collector would be proud to own.

As I mentioned above, I love to see how artists and their work evolve, especially when I’ve been a part of the audience from the beginning. Over the past year we’ve seen the introduction of the “Nu Mood” series, a reinvigorated 16″ “DeeAnna Denton” line as well as the new 16″ female hero body. All of these are welcome steps forward for Tonner. I hope that these positive improvements make their way into even more Wonder Woman dolls past this Spring’s upcoming “Amazonia” event offering. One can only hope!

This wraps up my weekly Wonder Woman series and I’d like to thank all of you who have followed along over the past 12 weeks. Hopefully you found something in these posts that helped you decide whether or not to make a purchase of these dolls. Any additions or corrections are encouraged and appreciated.

I’ll be back with another WW review whenever I can score the “Amazonia” event WW, but until then I’ll see you on Facebook!

Jason  🙂


We want to thank Jason for what has to be one of the best guest post contributions anywhere. Thank you Jason for providing such a straight-forward, thorough, beautiful and joyful summation of all our Wonder Woman figures. So spectacular, it has been a pleasure reading along with all our readers.

– Kevin





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  1. Where do they sell them or where can I get one or are you selling yours because I really want one because I don’t have much and I would like that it would mean the world to me and I would never open it just stair at it or I might get tempted and play with it because I never had nothing like it so if your selling I am willing to buy even if takes me out of house and home lov the doll an thanks for letting me look at it. 🤕👍👏😳😱😀😐😕🙁😞😳

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