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Today has been one of those great days in the Doll Hospital…you know the kind–everything goes well, work gets finished, and the dolls look fabulous. Now throw in some non-stop laughter–and that is my day. To me….any day full of humor is a good day and today was one I felt compelled to share. Today started with a box that was shipped FedEx over night from New York City. I immediately figured this one was top priority..so I should get to it first. As I opened the huge box…I could see that it may take at least an hour to unroll this mystery from her protective casing…so I just took out my scissors and cut off all the wrap. There she was…a modern Holiday porcelain Christmas doll dressed in her red velvet dress and hat–but with only one eye. I have seen this so many times….one or both eyes loosen up and fall into the head. I reach around in the box chock full of packing peanuts and pull out one piece of lined paper. In black magic marker across the top it says “Eye Fell Inside The Head” and below that her name, address and work phone. For me–that was enough…so I peeled back that wig and retrieved that eye. I actually then removed the other as I knew that would be falling out soon also. I cleaned the eyes and re-set them into her head, re-glued the pate and wig and added new lashes. She was perfect!! Now this is where my day got strange… I called the number and a woman picked up the phone “Hi, this is the office of Jane Smith”..(I changed her name to protect her reputation). I answered: “Hi, this is Dr. Noreen from the Doll Hospital” (complete silence on the other end for about 20 seconds) I spoke again  “Hello, Hello–this is Dr. Noreen–you know…at the doll Hospital–I have your doll here“…(again long pause…strange silence) and she says “I think you have the wrong number”. This is weird I thought– as when she answered…she used the name clearly written in black magic marker on that paper!! I said again: ” I am looking for Jane Smith at (212) 555-1234 ” (yes.. phone number changed too). “This is the doll doctor in Kingston, N.Y.–“She sent me her doll with the eye that fell into the head”  OK….now it get’s even weirder as the silence on the other end abruptly ends with a louder voice saying “Oh my God!–What??! I am her assistant–Jane is out for the day”.  I now understood her confusion as why would her assistant know anything about a doll. I then said: “Please let Jane know her doll is ready and she can give me a call”  On the other end I swear I could hear the light bulb come on“What?? Did you say Doll??  DOLL?? Jane’s DOLL??”.…then hysterical laughter on her end for so long….I felt like the only one at the party who didn’t get the Joke.( Now…the long silence on my end).. and the Assistant says: ” I am so sorry.. I thought you kept saying DOG–I didn’t even know Jane had a dog and with an eye in his head no less”….she burst out into laughter again. I stood there on the phone for a second and re-played that entire conversation but used the word DOG wherever the word DOLL was used…omg–I have been laughing all day. I love this job!!

I’m so glad this wasn’t a Dog!

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4 responses to “Why I Love my Job – My Life as a Doll Doctor

    1. Hi Charlie, It was just one of those funny things…one word can really change the dynamics. I rushed to the front of the store and told Jenn the whole story…we both laughed…poor dog!!

  1. I worked as an answering service operator for 6 1/2 years – you would be surprised at how EASY it is for little miscommunications like these to make a mess of otherwise clear communications. Glad to hear it came out all right, and that you and Jane’s assistant had a good laugh. I wonder if she told Jane about the little slip up.

    1. She sure did…I talked to “Jane” today! We had a good laugh…but that poor assistant. Can you imagine thinking a dog was at the dog hospital with an eye that fell into his head?? Yikes!

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