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The Lucas girls and Debbie Lincoln!  Soo happy to be together again!
The Lucas girls get photo bombed by Debbie Lincoln! 

Coming to you LIVE from the 2014 Tonner Convention!  Festivities are officially under way, as registration kicked off at 2pm today.  Attendees flooded in to pick up their registration packets and were immediately reunited with old friends.  Reunited… and it feels so good!  Check out this year’s convention bag – it’s got two doll sleeves inside!


The TonnerCon Bag
The TonnerCon Bag


Doll Friends!
Doll Friends!


Jannie and Al - so much fun!
Jannie and Al – so much fun!

See all the Registeration pics HERE!

Robert and Ann Rast welcome the volunteers at the meeting.
Robert and Ann Rast welcome the volunteers at the meeting.

It was a fast and furious couple of hours, and then off to the Volunteer Meeting for a quick briefing.  Robert Tonner and Ann Rast welcomed all the volunteers – so many new ones this year!  This is a really important facet of our conventions.  Truly, we could not do all we do each and every convention without our amazing volunteers.  They help us make sure everything goes off without a hitch, and if it weren’t for their generosity of time and patience, we can assure you, TonnerCon would be a whole different event.  THANK YOU just isn’t enough to express our deep gratitude, so let’s give a round of applause for our volunteers! *applause*

OK amigos!  Until tonight, when we meet again at the opening event:  Victorian Times!

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  1. Oh, it looks SO fun! Have a glorious time all Tonner Con attendees! I’m heartbroken I can’t be with you after all, but I will enjoy your pictures and posts.

  2. I so agree. I wish I could be there too! And so appreciate the posts you put up! Love the info and pictures!

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