#TonnerCon: New York Times with Carmen & Tyler – Tonner Doll Company

It was the best of times, and the worst of times.  It was the New York Times!  What a fashionable bunch of people – everyone turned out in their cocktail finery for this fabulous occasion, as we toasted two major fashion icons:  Carmen Dell’Orefice, who happened to also be our very special guest for the evening, and Tyler Wentworth, Golden Girl of Tonner Doll.

High Fashion at New York Times!
High Fashion at New York Times!

Yes, it was 15 years ago that Tyler Wentworth made her debut – 5th Avenue Fashion Designer for the House of Wentworth with a signature style!  It’s time to celebrate Robert Tonner’s Golden Girl and celebrate her proper!  Robert gave a terrific presentation:  a retrospective of Tyler Wentworth.  It was so fun to look back (ah, nostalgia!) and reexamine the gal who made such an impact on all our lives, and remember all the characters over the years that belong to the House of Wentworth.

In honor of Tyler, guests were asked to come dressed in their most creative interpretation of Tyler’s signature style that we all know and love.  And wow!  Did they ever.  Take a look:

Interpretations of Tyler's Signature Style
Interpretations of Tyler’s Signature Style

And now onto the breathtaking centerpiece:  a deluxe 15th Anniversary Tyler in a transcendent red gown of lace with a tiered hemline and a sweetheart neck.  The guests were knocked over when they saw her on the table – they loved her!

Convention Exclusive:  15th Anniversary Tyler  LE 300

Launching the brand new, inspired Carmen Dell’Orefice Collection was tonight’s stunning souvenir:

Carmen Dell'Orefice Debut - Tonner Centerpiece LE 200
Carmen Dell’Orefice Debut – Tonner Centerpiece LE 200
Photo by Ernesto Padro-Campos


Carmen Photo by Ernesto Padro-Campos.
Photo by Ernesto Padro-Campos.

Wearing a luxury knit dress with fur-trimmed jacket, the first-ever Carmen doll features not only a beautifully sculpted likeness, but also a brand new body, customized just for her!  Meet the Chic Body:  it’s a new twist on the Antoinette body, with broader shoulders and a fuller bust.  The Carmen debut also features a white rooted mane and painted blue eyes, and is highly limited, with an edition size of just 200 pieces.

Robert schooled us in all things Carmen, and chronicled her 70 year career in the fashion industry.  SO many beautiful photos!  Robert also showed us an intriguing video of an interview with Carmen as well.  Fun fact:  Did you know that Carmen holds the Guinness Book World Record for the Longest Career as a Catwalk model?  Incredible!

As mentioned, Carmen was there in the flesh, and is even MORE striking in person, if you can believe that.  It was incredible seeing her with her doll.  Just one of those unforgettable moments.  She was so very gracious, spoke to the audience, answered questions and signed autographs at the event, and was really great as she talked and engaged with everyone.  She really was in her element, and truly just a delight.  Everyone is simply captivated by her!  THANK YOU Carmen for coming to our event and making it so special!  Enjoy some pics:

Carmen and Carmen.
Carmen and Carmen.
Carmen and Al Green.
Carmen and Al Green.
Carmen is SO gracious and signs autographs for  every last guest.
Carmen is SO gracious and signs autographs for every last guest.


See all the NY Times event pics HERE!

A perfect end to a perfect evening…thanks for following along!

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  1. I have not been this excited about a Tonner Doll release since my very first Tonner Doll Basic Wicked Witch, Looking forward to the Carmen Collection

    1. Hey Jeremy,

      Thanks for your comment – we are excited too! We can’t wait to show you all of the glamorous and sophisticated things we’ve got in store for Carmen. 🙂

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