#TonnerCon: Good Morning Chicago! – Tonner Doll Company

Good morning Chicago and beyond!  After a GREAT night sleep, we’re bright-eyed and bushy tailed, especially after the astounding Grand Opening of the Tonner & Wilde Sales Room!  This is always an exciting part of the convention – many Doll Lovers get there bright and early (or camp out the night before!) to secure their spot in line, because everyone knows:  the first ones in get the best selection!  It’s usually fast and furious, and tables become empty within minutes.  This year it was a little more mellow, which was great for shoppers – and more enjoyable, i bet!

The Sales Room line-up!
The Sales Room line-up!

Then we scurried off to Judy Mihalka’s Ric Rac Embellishment Workshop.  This was SO much fun!  Oh that Judy, she had so many tips and tricks up her sleeve, and she shared them all!  We learned how to make dazzling flower blooms with ric rac and beading – check it out:

Ric Rac paddy wack!
Ric Rac paddy wack!
Ric Rac embellishments on outfits - so neato!
Ric Rac embellishments on outfits – so neato!
Having  a blast at the Ric Rac Workshop!
Having a blast at the Ric Rac Workshop!

To see ALL the pics from the Ric Rac Workshop, Click HERE!

Judy also showed us how to do a marvelous braided ric rac for trim on doll clothes!  It is so adorable, and super easy to do!  It’s amazing what you can do if you can sew with simple hand basting.  And it’s always great to leave a workshop not only with new tricks, but also with a something you have completed!  Great stuff, Judy, thanks!

Now:  off to brunch for some “Wilde Times”!

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