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Next up was a highly anticipated lunch break out event:  Amazonia!  As soon as the doors opened, collectors, all decked out in their finest red, white and blue, flooded the room to get a look at the centerpiece:  a 22” American Model Amazonia Wonder Woman!  She looked so powerful atop each table, wearing her Amazonia costume.  Amazonia is a one-shot comic that was a non-canon story set in an alternate reality outside of regular continuity in the 19th century.  The original story was written by William Messner-Loebs and illustrated by Phil Winslade, and in it, Diana frees oppressed women in the Empire by ending the reign of King Jack (the Ripper).

The 22" Amazonia Cenerpiece
The 22″ Amazonia centerpiece

Back to the centerpiece:  the 22” Amazonia:  she’s of course the American Model head sculpt and body, with rooted black hair and blue inset eyes.  She’s also the Tyler skin tone.  Her ensemble is true to the comic book artistry with a dark red bodice and long, flowing waist drapes, and attached metallic blue panties.  The bird on her bodice is metallic gold faux leather, her gauntlets navy blue with silver bracelets, and her choker is navy blue faux leather, and adorned with a star.  Atop her head sits a gold crown with a red star.  She also wears a pair of crumpled black faux leather boots. Additionally she comes with hands that match her gauntlets (navy blue) as well as skin tone hands.  LE just 100 pieces!

22" Amazonia Wonder Woman
22″ Amazonia Wonder Woman

The souvenir for the Amazonia event is a 16” Amazonia Wonder Woman with a Diana head sculpt on the female super hero body.  Her outfit is identical to the 22” version just described, and she has Tyler skin tone, rooted black saran hair, and blue painted eyes.  She also comes with fists to match her navy gauntlets, as well as natural skin tone regular hands.  She has an edition size of 300 pieces.

16" Amazonia Wonder Woman
16″ Amazonia Wonder Woman

The presentation was given by our resident Wonder Woman Laura Pauly, and it was a WONDERful recap of super hero fashion.

Super Hero Fashion
Super Hero Fashion

It was really neat to see the different versions of costumes throughout the years, what an evolution!  We also had a bit more dress up fun:  There were teams picked out of the audience to dress up someone in super hero garb provided by the company.  It was a hoot!

Team Jenny Lowey
Team Jenny Lowey
Team Gloria Lopez
Team Gloria Lopez
Team Steven Corao
Team Steven Corao
The finished product!
The finished product!

Click HERE to see all the pics from the Amazonia Event!

Also I just wanted to take a second to thank Jason Wright, who geared us up for this WONDERful event with his terrific reviews of Tonner Wonder Women!  Jason, we were mesmerized by your passion for the Wonder, and we thank you graciously for sharing it with us!  If you haven’t checked them out yet, click HERE and you’ll find a list of links to each post 🙂

I had to beat feet over to Robert’s Seminar at 3pm, so off I went!  Robert’s seminars are always absolutely fascinating, and this time was no exception.  Robert gave a presentation to coordinate with the Special Exhibit:  The History of the Fashion Doll!  He had a wonderful slide show composed of items from his own private collection, which in and of itself was a total treat!  He illustrated the evolution of the fashion doll from Horsman, to Revlon to Barbie and on!  Robert was ever gracious and had an amazing Q&A session with the collectors, and it was a wonderfully intimate chit chat. Take a look at some of the slides used in Robert’s presentation:

Little Miss Revlon
Cissete x2 and Toni
Singer/Butterick Mannequin Set
Singer/Butterick Mannequin Set

Take a look at  the awe-inspired collectors as they hang on Robert’s every word:

Robert talks about the History of the Fashion Doll
Robert talks about the History of the Fashion Doll

Here’s a little sneak peek of Robert’s seminar on video:

Stop by later to see the amazing things we have in store for Flights of Fancy, and the Angry Birds PJ Party!  Don’t be late! 🙂

5 responses to “#TonnerCon: Amazonia Wonder Woman! – Tonner Convention

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Much appreciated and this was an awesome review of the events of today’s Amazonia event.

    I can’t attend conventions but I’ve been looking forward to this since it was first announced. The coverage this year has been the best in years and I’m so happy that it coincided with Wonder Woman.

    Great stuff guys, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the convention coverage as well as remaining product!


  2. Guys, how do you spend good time!
    So many new and beautiful dolls! So many positives! Great!
    I’d like for you, just wish that this dream is not feasible!
    I’ll enjoy your photos!

  3. As a fan of amazonia I’m excited about this figure, but I find it interesting Tonner borrowed from a cosplayer and not the original source material. The reason I know this is because I follow this cosplayer, she was one of the first to do a WW amazonia back in 2007.

    I hope Tonner gives her credit or at least a free doll.

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