#TonnerCon: Afternoon Tour de Force – Tonner Doll Company

Scurry, scurry, scurry!  Off to the Raffle Room – This is always incredible to see.  First of all, a lot of work goes into setting it up nice and proper, and Team Raffle is… da bomb!  They had everything staged so beautifully, each and every raffle item looked beyond enticing.  It’s always fun to see what sold out treasures will be up for raffle, and this year there were some great ones.  There’s always a ton of people filling through the room dropping in their precious tickets, hoping to get some booty.

Debbie and Sue man the Raffle Room.
Debbie and Sue man the Raffle Room.
Tons of people in and out of the Raffle Room.
Tons of people in and out of the Raffle Room.
Raffle tickets galore!
Raffle tickets galore!

After my Raffle Room excursion, I dipped into the Special Exhibit.  This year, the Special Exhibit is VERY special – it’s our leading lady Tyler Wentworth’s 15th Anniversary.  The exhibit is a retrospective of Tyler of years past.  Check out some pics:







Everyone’s got a favorite!  Which Tyler is YOUR favorite?  Click HERE to see all the pics from the special exhibit!

After celebrating Tyler and her special milestone, I had a little time until the evening event with our SPECIAL GUEST, so I decided to march myself right over to the competition room, and see what our endlessly talented collectors have created for us.

Wow.  Just…wow.  Earth shattering, visionary, and truly transcending!  So many great creations this year.  I certainly don’t envy the judges, who’s charge was to distribute ribbons.  You’ve got to see this stuff:  check these out!




Wow, am I right?  Thank you to all who contributed to this year’s masterpiece of a Competition Room.  The talent is seemingly unending and profound, and every year manages to top the year before.  Great stuff, keep up the excellent work, artists!

Click HERE to see all the amazing Competition entries!

Hmmm, rumbly in my tumbly.  Must be.. yep!  Time for dinner.  Off to the NY Times event, with our very special guest Carmen Dell’Orefice, where we will celebrate another fashion icon’s 15th Anniversary:  Tyler Wentworth.

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