Tonner Virtual Factory Sale Goodie–“Signature Statement” Tyler Wentworth by Jason Kramer

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Once a year or so, Tonner holds a “Factory Sale” where various Fashion Dolls, Character Figures, outfits, and the random nude doll or <<<GASP!>>> loose heads are marked down at considerable discounts–much to the delight of collectors both local and abroad. I have never been to a Tonner Factory Sale in person, but have heard many stories of the countless goodies to be found–There seems to truly be something for everyone!

Recently, Tonner has offered a similar sale in an online format for those collectors who are not able to make the trek to New York. The Tonner Virtual Factory Sale is one of several shopping opportunities (along with “Sneak Attack” discounts, pre-order promotional shipping discounts, Holiday sales, etc) extended to the general Tonner collector community in recent years, in which I have had the pleasure to partake.

I was lucky enough to purchase some fabulous finds at the last “Virtual” factory sale, and I am very pleased to share one of my favorites here…

“Signature Statement” Tyler Wentworth

A Brief Tyler Wentwoth History Lesson:

Tyler Wentworth has been the centerpiece of Tonner Dolls since 1999, and though in recent years she has taken somewhat of a backseat to the various Comic Book and Movie-inspired dolls (plus several other fashion-related lines) she has remained quite a presence, and has always embodied classic, tasteful, and elegant style.

“Signature Statement” Tyler Wentworth is dressed in an ensemble that calls back to the iconic “Signature Style” Tyler dolls that were released nearly every year since Tyler’s debut. Tyler’s signature look most often consisted of a crisp, white blouse and black wool skirt, worn with sheer black hose, black pumps, and a black “leather” belt with gold buckle. The look has always been topped off with a single-strand pearl necklace worn as a tribute to her Aunt Regina.

Signature Style Through the Years
"Signature Style" Through the Years--Note the subtle variations in fabrics and silhouette from doll to doll--there are even sequins!

The Outfit:

“Signature Statement” picks up the various design elements from the “Signature Style” dolls and revs up the glamor and elegance from head to toe!

Signature Statement Full View

Signature Statement’s ensemble includes an elegant white chiffon blouse with fantastic details like an oversize collar with wide lapels and a voluminous draped raglan-style sleeve with shirring detail. The blouse is actually built onto a bodysuit, which has been a standard in Tonner fashion–I love how the bodysuit keeps the blouse tucked into the skirt without adding bulk to the waist or hips. The fit is spectacular, as always! The one and only complaint I have about the blouse is that the front opens up quite a bit, and with the weight of the jewelry against the lightness of the fabric, Tyler had quite a few “wardrobe malfunctions” during our photo shoot! I would prefer a small hook and loop closure about an inch above the waist–right under the bust–to prevent full exposure without compromising the sexiness in the blouse.

Tyler’s skirt is cut in a mermaid shape and is made of a simple black knit jersey fabric. The skirt is unlined, which worries me a bit to be honest, as black fabrics have a tendency to stain– though the top of the skirt that actually touches the doll has the barrier of the white bodysuit for protection.  The hem of the skirt is simply turned under and stitched, and though the cut fabric is unfinished, I understand that it is not necessary with these types of materials.

The Face and Hair:

Tyler’s face paint does not disappoint! I will admit that It has taken me a while to warm up to the Tyler Wentworth sculpt, but painted right, this doll is exquisite!

Signature Statement Face and Hair

With full painted lashes, pale green eyes and soft pink lips, this Tyler’s makeup palette balances well with her outfit. Between Dazzling, Fire Opal and now Signature Statement, Tyler has really made quite the impression on me this year! As far as hairstyles go, the Tonner team has created some pretty unusual and detailed looks for their dolls, and this honey blonde up-do is no exception. I love the soft waves sweeping down and framing her beautiful face! The asymmetrical double bun is an unexpected touch that I find so interesting. When I imagine Tyler Wentworth, that is the woman I see.

The Accessories:

Just as with the “Signature Style” dolls of season’s past, Tyler sports her usual Black “leather” belt with gold buckle, pearl necklace, black hose and pumps–only this time, these details are taken to the next level, and truly make a statement!

Tyler's Signature Accessories

Tyler’s signature accessories can best be described as over-the-top glamor! Her typical black “leather” belt is fastened by an extraordinary buckle made of a shining gold chain that is sewn in place with black thread. The buckle is decorative, as the belt fastens in the back with a single snap. Her necklace is actually made of two separate pieces: one is a double strand of pearls mixed with delicate silver and gold chains, and the other necklace is made from a mixture of several lengths of rhinestones, also in a combination of gold and silver settings. Either piece is eye-catching, and could certainly be worn separately, but I think the effect of both necklaces worn together is breathtaking. The earrings are simple rhinestone studs in a gold setting, and truthfully, are as simple as they should be so as to not distract from the necklace. Tyler’s shoes are relatively low-key, but they don’t really show, and I feel the focus really should be at the top of the ensemble anyway. I do have one complaint related to Tonner shoes. It has been my experience that the tiny buckles, combined with thin faux leather make it nearly impossible to keep my Tonner shoes in good condition–I have admittedly chubby fingers (Ha! I can’t believe I just wrote that!) but I have such difficulty getting the straps through the buckles without shredding the straps at the ends, or worse yet, ripping them. As you can see, I pulled the ankle strap into Tyler’s shoe on one side of the buckle without pulling it through to the other side–and this is how those shoes will stay!

At the end of the day, I am beyond pleased with this doll, as well as her outfit. She is beautifully made, well designed, and of fantastic quality, from head to toe! The attention to detail is above and beyond what you would expect from Tonner. If you are a Tyler Wentworth fan, you NEED this doll! I think she would make a striking centerpiece in a display surrounded by the various “Signature Style” dolls from over the years.


Jason Kramer works full time as costume designer and lives in Long Beach CA. He has been collecting Tonner dolls since 2005, and collects mostly fashion dolls with a few TCFs in the mix. He use his Tonner dolls as models for his own fashion designs.


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6 responses to “Tonner Virtual Factory Sale Goodie–“Signature Statement” Tyler Wentworth by Jason Kramer

  1. Wonderful post, Jason. It was so well written and detailed, and I enjoyed reading about all the wonderful details of this doll and her outfit.. At the Virtual Factory Sale I agonized between Antoinette Bold and Tyler Signature Style. I chose Bold, and I love her, but now I wish I’d also bought Tyler!

      1. Lucky you! I’ll look forward to reading your review.
        I was asked by a friend to do the descriptions of a couple of Tonner dolls he was listing on EBay, and there certainly is an art to it. These dolls are so gorgeous, they deserve the best!

  2. Jason, I certainly second you on the buckles for shoes – I am Madame Klutz, and every time I get a doll with shoes that have buckles or laces, I usually manage to get a pretty good trade for those shoes with friends who love those styles, and have a more delicate touch than my 10 thumbs!

    Great review on this Tyler, thank you!

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