Tonner Prepares to Rock… Their Socks!!

Prepare to Rock...Your Socks!

Hiya, everyone!  Today, an amazing package arrived at our offices from our dear friends over at LittleMissMatched.  So, naturally, we ripped it open to unveil a mountain of crazy socks!  I mean, is this the best day ever, or what?!?

Actually, the gift of socks for our entire staff is for a great cause:  National Rock Your Socks Day – Friday, Socktober October 21st!  As the brightly expressive LittleMissMatched puts it:

Rock Your Socks day is designed to encourage strong independent thinking. The campaign aims to empower a generation of confident future leaders and to celebrate creativity through self expression.  Ask not what your socks can do for you, but what can you do with your socks! This National Rock Your Socks Day, free your feet and rock your socks as a symbol of Self-Expression.  Be Bold, let YOU be YOU!  

For even more info on this momentous occasion, check out this Message from the LMM President (it’s a video!!).

You, too, can Rock Your Socks!  In fact, you should Rock Your Socks on Friday!  Get involved by wearing crazy, mismatched socks, entering the LMM Photo Contest, and also by signing the petition!  For every signature on the petition, LMM will make a donation in YOUR name to the Rock Your Socks fund, which provides leadership programming for kids! Click here to see all the schools LMM is supporting!  Maybe your kid’s school is already on there!

We think LMM is such an amazing organization, and we can’t wait to show our support!  Check out the Tonner Staff choose just which socks they will rock when Friday rolls around:

Look for some more sock-crazy fun on Friday, as we bring Rock Your Socks Day to you!  We’ll be sharing pictures all day long of the Tonner Staff and their crazy socks!

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