Tonner Facebook Makeover Launches TODAY at Noon!

High Noon EDT!

We’re so excited for you to see the new Tonner All-Access Pass on Facebook! We think  you’ll like the Tonner portal as much as we do, did we mention we’re excited?? Noon EDT can’t come soon enough!

Have fun with it, the point is to play!  And remember, if you need a little help, we’ve got you covered with the HELP button in the top right of the home grid.  Additionally, we’ll be posting detailed instructions right here on our blog (which, coincidently, you’ll be able to access from our NEW All-Access Pass, once noon comes, that is!).

At the stroke of noon EDT, check it out!

A big THANK YOU to the Digital Geniuses Deep Soni and Kevin Von Duuglas-Ittu for their endless hours of hard work, patience, and for this wonderful gift that we can all share.

Play on, dear friends, play on!

2 responses to “Tonner Facebook Makeover Launches TODAY at Noon!

  1. excellent work you have done, this site is easily cool with superb info. I recommend you put this article to reddit, and then more and more habitancy might entry your posts. Thank You

    1. Hi Margarita,

      Thank you for the kind words of encouragement! We’re delighted to hear you’re impressed by the site. Hadn’t thought of submitting the article or site to reddit, thanks very much for the suggestion! We’ll definitely explore that option, thanks for illuminating another way to increase viewership. We appreciate you taking the time to engage with us! Hope you come back to see both our blog and the All-Access Pass on Facebook from time to time 🙂

      Very Best,
      Team Tonner

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