TONNER DOLL Scoop!! Welcome Back Tiny Kitty!






Tiny Kitty is making a comeback!  I have good (in fact great) information that your very favorite tiny fashion icon,  Tiny Kitty,  will be back in the Fall/Holiday Tonner Doll line.  The photo above is from 2008 – the last time she was in the line.Here’s another photo of a 2008 Tiny Kitty.

Tiny Kitty doll
Tiny Kitty from the 2008 Tonner Doll line

And trust me, she is going to be just as glamorous as ever! So tell all your friends, relatives, acquaintances 🙂 to be on the lookout for her return.  More information, and sneak peeks, as they becomes available!


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33 responses to “TONNER DOLL Scoop!! Welcome Back Tiny Kitty!

  1. YES!!! It’s about dang time! TKs are, and have always been, my very favorite Tonner dolls!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing back my girls!!!!!

  2. Umm Wahoo!!!! I have always lived Kitty, 18 inch version and 10 inch version, i can’t wait to see what she does.

  3. YAY!! I have a small collection of Tiny Kitties and look forward to seeing what you’ve done with her this time around… could be tempted to add to my collection in time for Christmas

  4. I’m thrilled! I love my Tiny Kittys (or is it Kitties?), and I’m so excited that I’ll be able to add to my collection!

  5. !!! Tiny Kitty is BACK!! I hope she brings along her friends Dottie and Simone Rouge, and meets other folks along the way to bring along.

    Thank you Mr. Tonner!!!!!

  6. Hi Nancy,

    Will Tiny Kitty still be 10 inches? or will she get 13 inches body like Simone Rouge?
    I like very much that Kitty is 10 inches. She is so cute because of this!

    best regards,

  7. I think it’s great she’s coming back, I have several from the first time around. I’d love to see the big Kitty back, only on the 17″ original DeeAnna Denton body and with a refreshed slightly more sophisticated sculpt just think about it…..could be incredible!

  8. I am so incredibly pleased to hear this! Thanks so much for bringing her back. I love Kitty so much! She is a jewel in my 1/6 scale focused collection. I was excited about the prospect of the Sindy licence and was checking here for news, and the completely unexpected surprise of finding this was certainly wonderful! How can I make sure that I don’t miss out on her re-appearance?

  9. Wow! I am so excited that Tiny Kitty Collier is makimg a comeback. I have missed not being able to get her. So small, but so gorgeous – as much as her larger 16″ counterparts.

  10. Ho wonderful that Tiny Kitty is coming back. She is my favorite Tonner doll and one of my favorite fashion dolls. I hope we get to see lots of new clothes as well as new dolls, but also hope she stays her diminutive self at 10 1/2″. Will she get a boyfriend, too? After all, every girl, even one as hard working as Kitty Collier running her own dress shop, needs an escort!

  11. Thank Goodness. I can’t wait, she has always been a favorite of mine.
    There was never and never will be a Barbie that could compete with Tiny Kitty, her fashions were amazing, her hair was stunning and her painted features were perfect.

    Thank you Mr. Tonner, now let’s play dolls……….

  12. Robert, Thank You for bringing my favorite little doll back, I,m so excited, will be so happy to see her again

  13. I am very excited to hear that Tiny Kitty is coming back.
    Maybe we see better looking articulated hands.
    That was the only thing on that beautiful little doll that
    I wasn’t crazy about. Everything else about Kitty is perfect.

  14. I really missed Tiny Kitty! I’ll be really excited to see the new line. I always loved the proportions on the original 10″ body. She was just so charming.

  15. YAY! I am very excited that Tiny Kitty is coming back! I hope she will be fully poseable and have the “dreamy” painted eyes that she had a few years ago. I can’t wait to see the new TK!

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