Do you love the Patsy Doll? So do we! A 360 Degree View of Holiday Patsy

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Happy Holidays Patsy is here!  She is available for purchase on our website: Happy Holidays Patsy

Happy Holidays Patsy - Tonner Doll Web Exclusive
click here to shop Happy Holiday’s Patsy – web exclusive


She is a very limited edition of 200 so make sure you don’t wait to bring her home.  And just for our Blog readers, here’s a 360 Vine video of the holiday cutie! This is the production version of the doll so you are virtually seeing it as if it is on a shelf in a doll shop. Let us know if you like these Vine views.


You can see the full line of our re-imagination of the 1920’s Patsy here:

The Full Tonner Doll Patsy Line
Click to see the full line of Tonner’s Patsy here.


4 responses to “Do you love the Patsy Doll? So do we! A 360 Degree View of Holiday Patsy

  1. I bought Happy Holidays Patsy the first day that she was available. She is such a gorgeous little doll. I must say she is more beautiful in person than in her pictures. I just adore her! Patsy and Ann Estelle will always be my favorite dolls of all time. I am still a little girl at heart. Thank you so much for your superb dolls. They have brought me so much joy over the years.

  2. I LOVE little Patsy and friends, but sometimes struggle to find the best OOAK doll outfits for her on eBay or etsy. I have a few ensembles that are quite detailed and lovely, but I am not a very experienced eBay user. Can you help me find the one-of-a-kind outfits I’m looking for (not Tonner’s packaged outfits)?

    1. Thanks for the note. It’s really just a matter of looking often at the items on Ebay and Etsy. On Ebay you can save a favorite search and be notified by email everyday of new offers. That’s definitely one way to keep up with new items.

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