Tonner Doll in Mexico…and Beyond – social media journeys

We at Tonner Doll are starting on a new road and are hoping to bring all our fans, collectors and artists along with us. We have been jumping with both feet into the social media world, and look forward to really increasing everyone’s sense of being connected. Whether it is going to be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or this very blog, we are recognizing that social media brings us all closer together. So part of what we want to blog about is the people we meet and the things we find as we explore the wide world of Tonner Doll.

Tonner Doll in Mexico

Our collectors and fans are the most important people to us. We want to highlight special people as we go, and also share resources that we find, and we encourage you to share the same with us. Let’s make this a conversation as they say. Today’s post is about Tamara Friedrichova. We found Tamara because she linked her community to our blog. Tracing back to her we discovered something we were completely unaware of: a small group of passionate Tonner Doll collectors in Mexico City. Her general Tonner Doll fan website (in Spanish) you can find here: Fans de TonnerDoll Company en México which has lots of links for Spanish speaking fans. We were intrigued, so followed one of the links and found her site Plaza Mildendo that is devoted to the commissions and creations of a small Tonner Doll group in Mexico City. We were so pleased to discover such fine work, a committed group of Tonner enthusiasts. Right away we wanted to know more even more.

What was interesting about Tamara is that even though in Mexico City now, she is in fact from the Czech Republic. In wonderful emails she described to us actually how her passion began there, where in the last few years apparently there has been a serious flowering! Imagine that. A single person actually is close to the center of Tonner communities in two very different countries, spread across the world. This is what we feel social media is about. Each person changes for us just how connected we are in what we care about.

The Start of Tonner Mania! – Czech Republic

Tamara told us how it all started for her, that she bought her first doll with her friend Erika Holubova one of the few in a circle that knew English well enough to order from As she explained, Erika because of her language skills began ordering Tonner dolls for not only her, but an entire community of enthusiasts:

Some of the collectors speak english. Obviously for to buy your dolls is necessary speak english 😀 (I started to use english for this reason :DDD). The czech modern doll community started about 2005-6 and started with Barbie doll. I think the most importan person of that community is Erika Holubova – she speaks english. Erika discovered your dolls in 2006 and we ordered our first tonner doll together. It was really incredible!!! I recieved my first couple (Esme and Russel) during my trip to Prague and I put them next my bed for to can see them all the time :DDD as a little girl with her first doll. And from that momment started tonnerdoll mania in Czech republic D. First Erika ordered the majority of the tonner dolls for all collectors but it was impossible for long time so appeared shops (unofficial dealers) and re-sellers.

What a beautiful story about how we all, with a single passion and purpose, can bring about great change and community. And what a thought that Tamara started using English at least in part to better order dolls herself. There is so much to this story, it cannot fit in here. We would really like to find out more about Erika and the Czech mania for Tonner, and will be looking forward to hearing from her. And this isn’t even to mention the things that Tamara herself is doing in Mexico, as she told us also about Rogelio her co-founder of Plaza Mildendo, a very skilled wood-worker who makes countless items of exquisite quality – his hand-crafted coffins would make a great Halloween post! :

So we hope to bring you more from the story of Tamara in Mexico, and Erika in the Czech Republic. If you have Spanish speaking friends they might really enjoy the links she provides, and even if you don’t read Spanish, there are so many photos and items to feast your eyes on, for the imagination is the international language of all of us. We leave you with a few of the sites that Tamar has coordinated. We would love to hear back from you what you think of these two distant but connected communities, and if you too know of people like Tamara who are seeds for Tonner passion.

The Plaza Mildendo Facebook page (which we have already liked), the Plaza Mildendo Flickr page, a Tonner Facebook group in Spanish (for our Spanish speaking collectors), more Tonner links in Spanish, and lastly a spectacular Tonner site in Czech that Tamara points us to, some of which we show below.

So be sure to share with us your own finds. Post them here in comments or on our Facebook page, or email us at If you’d like to contact Tamara you can email her at and Erika can be written to at Both can be written to in English.


12 responses to “Tonner Doll in Mexico…and Beyond – social media journeys

  1. So exciting, isn’t it, how the internet can connect us?

    No just allowing us to wonder at the beauty each of us can create in our doll worlds..

    But also the notion that in spite of differences on geography, language, culture, religion.. we can discover and celebrate a common humanity through sharing our individual interests.

    It gives me hope for the future of our planet, of mankind.

    Thanks for helping to expand my world a bit further, Tonner!

    1. Exactly Mary, it is really something how we are all just a few clicks from each other, that collectors in Mexico and the Czech Republic share a passion with those that seem closer by. We are hoping that as Tonner Doll people come into contact and share what their imagination helps them create, as you say, across “geography, language, culture, religion” we are inspired by our differences, and joined by our common cares.

      Everyone loves Tonner Dolls differently, but it is the same love in a way.

  2. My dad was always insistent that his beloved Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) was a land of impeccable good taste. Nice to see confirmation that he was right.

  3. Tamara es una de las más dedicadas coleccionistas, que ha trabajado mucho por su sueño, gracias a ella yo conocí las Tonner Dolls y he sucumbido a sus encantos 😀

  4. Tamara is a sparkling star in the doll world! She is honest, hard working and loves her items as much as the collectors do. It shows in her dedication and the craftsmanship.

    1. I love your pay-it-forward philosophy! and it is great to hear Tamara’s fine work and passion being embraced. We are really glad to have met her, and look forward to more of her contributions to the Tonner World conversation. She tells us she is starting a blog too!

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