Tonner Doll Japan – Meet the Wonderful タイラーウェントワース Collector Oz

One of the hopes of Doll Duels has been that all of us can become aware of Tonner collectors and photographers from around the world and “Oz” from Japan has proved to be one of the best examples of what can come out of sharing on Doll Duels. His beautiful photographs from the Tyler line are found regularly on the Leaderboard. And his website Tyler-Made is one of the best Tyler collection photography sites online. And because of the language barrier it may very well have been that we never would have met him. So we asked him to describe himself and his collecting in Japanese and we worked to compose a very iffy translation in English just so we could meet and share him with you as best we could. I hope you enjoy it! He interviews himself, and a selection of his photos are interspersed throughout. (original Japanese text at the bottom)


Guest Post

Q: What happened that lead to the collection of Tyler line?

A: I’ve liked dolls since I was small.
I then had antique dolls, vintage Barbies, and Japanese creation dolls.
An article like “Tyler Wentworth has Landed in Japan” was placed in a professional magazine for doll collectors at that time.
I came to want the doll.
And I bought the doll in a major toy shop in Tokyo.
My first was “Ready-To-Wear Glamour”.

Black and White Ball

Q: What is it about the Tyler line that you feel was the attraction?

A: I was impressed by their minute, delicate molding.
I was surprised that the face was all hand painted.
Lines of the body were very beautiful and I was fond of clothes just fitting a slim body.
It is the charm of Tyler with the combination of cool Sydney that is exquisite.
Two characters are different in the kind, and compliment each other in ways which the other is not.
They show the maximum charm that other dolls do not have.

Classic Elegance

I like the story of characters in the Tyler line, too. For example:

  • I got to know them at their home, they had a small apartment fire with Matt and Tyler there. Because Tyler was stouthearted and behaved, Matt fell in love with her at first sight.
  • Tyler and Jeremy Voss were together in their school days, classmates of the same design school. Because Tyler was selected to be Jeremy’s successor who was the right arm of Regina, after graduation, the relationship between the two ended.
  • Kit went out with Simon Chase, a popular fashion model of The Chase Modeling Agency run by Sydney, but she betrayed them and left for VOSS INTL a rival company.
  • Regina decided to retire and went on a trip with Carlos, her lover. However, her work decided her relation with him because she missed it and she came back to New York.
  • But Carlos dances with Sydney at a certain party one year later. In other words he began to date Sydney. Because the doll “Dancing with Carlos” (2009) was released, I understood it.

Tyler line has the scandalous setting that is so human.
It lets the personality of an attractive adult sublimate from just the pretty doll in them.
[ I am slightly disappointed with there not being the story that is interesting recently ]

Dark Embrace, Ultra Basic Blonde, Ultra Basic Goth
Three Tylers, High Style Grand Finale, Tyler and Regina
Jeremy Voss, Mistletoe Magic Holiday, Parisian Holiday Gala

As for me, an article that a model was to exist in Tyler aroused interest.
I believed the thing for several years after I began collection.
I wanted to seee a photograph of the face of actual Tyler.
And I have looked for fashion-related Website of New York until a day went down.
Her existence was so real for me.

Sensational Raven
Just Divine

Q: What is the method of my photography?

A: I wanted to increase collectors of Tyler in Japan and, six years ago, established my site.
At first I covered the back with a blackout curtain and took the photograph such as in the first catalog.
I placed miniature props and furniture and wallpaper of various colors and designs in the background and then took the photograph.

However, it is difficult for me to buy new miniature props and backdrops each time I take a photograph.
Thus I thought to compose a background on a PC.
I am good at the image processing with the PC as I work with graphic design every day.

I could not posture the doll showing movement in good way so thought about methods that would make it seem alive.
And I found a good method.

1. I let the doll lay on the floor and set it in a way that lets the hair flow and photograph it.

2. I cut the background of the photograph with a processing tool and compose it with an effective scenery photograph afterwards.

3. Then the photograph where a doll moves along against wind lightly is completed.

I think because I have a SFX even in the movie, and also may use a magic doll photo.

Saucy Brunette
Runaway Esme

Q: The present conditions of Tonner doll collection in Japan?

A: Import company that sold Tonner doll from when I began collection in Japan has stopped after a few years.
That is why Tonner Doll is now barely written about in collector magazines.
And they have disappeared from toy shops.
Internet shopping is the only method of the doll collection now.
Above all I want a store where I can purchase more Tonner doll easily in Japan.
I manage the “Tyler Wentworth” social network community á Mixi
We have about 60 Members.
There are a lot of women in their 40s from 20 generations.
They pay the high shipping from the foreign country and collect Tonner dolls.

Swept Away
Love is Blue

Q: What is my disposition when I collect dolls?

A: I am a stubborn collector.
This is because it is the rule of one’s own way when doll collecting.

I do not buy dolls from other collections. [ it expands the collection and can get out of hand ]
I do not change a hairstyle or customize the face of the doll which I bought. [ when dozens of years have passed, the original doll I believe holds the value ]
I classify it so that outfits and accessories are not mixed with the those of other dolls. [ when dozens of years passed, I understand it even if anyone watches it ]
I do not let go of a doll I have bought.

But I would not I take dolls in a coffin if I die.
I would hand them over to somebody loving dolls.
This is because a doll is longer than a human being, and it lives with the doll changes constantly while exchanging an owner, and keeping its youth.
Therefore I intend to keep it while maintaining a state in which I bought it as much as possible.
I think that there are splendid dolls in the Tyler Line which can become the perfect masterpieces several decades later, and some already are.

Three Couples

In Original Japanese



その頃、ドール・コレクターの専門雑誌に“タイラー・ウェントワースが日本に上陸”といった記事を見ていたので、欲しいと思い、東京都内の大手玩具店のショーウィンドーで実物を見て買いました。初めて買ったのは「Ready-To-Wear Glamour」でした。



≪そのカルロスが、なぜか1年後、パーティでシドニーとダンスする関係になっている=Dancing with Carlos 2009 ≫とか。










The translation was highly flawed and left as is, but if anyone would like to submit improvements please do; send them to And of course if anyone is inspired by Oz to browse our Tyler Wentworth line click below.

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      1. Dear Kevin
        I really thank for your having introduced a lot of my photographs!
        Because submit a photograph to Doll Duels from now on; thanking you in advance.

        1. OZ, we are so happy to share your passion and talent with our other collectors. And we are lucky to have gotten to know you through Doll Duels. We look forward to more of your work, and the International Tonner world becoming a community.

    1. Thank you for liking a photograph of Jeremy.
      Because he did not have a change of clothes, Jeremy asked for clothes for Matt and Tyler.
      I had a look at your blog.
      It is very splendid!
      I have some favorites in your photograph of Doll Duels.

    1. I had a look at your blog.
      It is very beautiful!
      I gathered Barbie before, too.
      It is common to Tyler with Barbie both that a proportion is beautiful.

    1. さくらさん、アメリカまで書き込みをしに来てくれて有難うございます。

  1. What a fantastic article–and wonderful to read the photography tips! I’ve been voting for these photos on DollDuels, and am delighted to see the photographer has a blog, too. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. That means a lot Alison coming from you! So nice that you are loving his pics on Doll Duels as well. We feel a special privilege finding these passionate and talented people and giving them a voice on our blog. It is very satisfying to come to know Oz.

    2. Thank you very much.
      I had a look at your blog.
      It is very stylish.
      Your photograph is very clear, and charm of the dolls appears well.

  2. Thank you for liking a photograph of Jeremy.
    Because he did not have a change of clothes, Jeremy asked for clothes for Matt and Tyler.
    I had a look at your blog.
    It is very splendid!

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. Interesting thoughts and beautiful photographs. My very first Tyler is smiling and waving at you.

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