Tonner Con: Day 2

2011 Tonner Con Registration

Helloooooooo from Lombard, IL everybody!!  Registration began at 2pm, so that means Con has been kicked off!!  So fasten your seat belts for more Con Fun!! Today, we started at 8am and finished setting up the Tonner and Wilde Sales Room, and readied the centerpieces for the upcoming events.  Just wait until you guys see Captain America!!  He looks amazing… As soon as he’s revealed to attendees you can bet you’re going to see pictures!!

Here’s a sweet little clip of some registration fun:


Everyone is just waiting to get this party started!!

You guys are doing GREAT wit the QR Scavenger Hunt!  Keep up the great work!

One response to “Tonner Con: Day 2

  1. OMG !!!! there’s my dearest friend Patsy… around 0:14, the Lady wearing the light blue shirt standing right under the ‘EXIT’ sign ! Please… if someone reads this, tell her i saw her in the video and wish i could join’ her and be there with her like i did at Tonner Halloween Con last year !
    Thank you so much
    Sandra from Germany

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