Tiny Kitty Photo Contest Winners Announced!

Hey Doll Lovers – Today we are announcing the winner of our Tiny Kitty Photo Contest!  We were simply clobbered with amazing Tiny Kitty photos – GREAT job everyone!  SO many people out there just love her!  In fact, there’s a great website dedicated to Tiny Kitty – check it out!

In fact, we had so many outstanding shots to choose from, we decided to pick a First Place, Second Place and Third Place.  Second and Third places will get their choice of Tiny Kitty outfit, while the First Place winner gets their choice of Tiny Kitty doll. Hooray!

Again, thank you to all who entered – each and every photo was creative and thoughtful, and really showed your enthusiasm and passion for Tiny Kitty!

Drumroll please!  Our third place winner is the talented Terri Gold (check out her awesome doll blog!).

Terri Gold's stunning 3rd Place Photo
Terri Gold’s stunning 3rd Place Photo

….and the Second Place ribbon goes to:  Tanja Huntus for her glorious rendering of black and white Tiny Kitty.

Tanja Huntus' Second Place photo
Tanja Huntus’ Second Place photo


And now for the Grand Prize Winner of a Tiny Kitty doll:  Ms. Alison Rasmussen for her lovely rendition of Pink Champagne Supper.  So beautiful!

First Place Photo by Alison Rasmussen
First Place Photo by Alison Rasmussen


Congrats to all the winners – you are beyond talented and we’re thrilled by your work!

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