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So…I am back to do another “time warp” review. These reviews are of older dolls that you may or may NOT know about, but may like to know more about! This time….Marvel Universe’s own Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel








Ms. Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, who was created by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan in the late 1960’s, was not even introduced as a superhero when she was created.  She was in the Air Force, serving her country as well as she could, until the Kree Empire came to get help against a growing war in space. During that time is when she gained her powers due to an accident that involved Captain Marvel (who she would eventually date), but it took months for her to realized that she became a superhero  (she passed out during the actual event).

Ms. Marvel with her Kree powers








Over the years, she would work with many of today’s superheroes (Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and the X-Men) and would make enemies (Mystique, Rogue “when she was with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants”, and enemies of Captain Marvel and The Avengers).

Carol as Captain Marvel









After fighting along side some of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe and the death of Captain Marvel, Carol has became a more powerful and self-confident woman, renaming herself the new Captain Marvel. Maybe we will see this version of Carol as a Tonner doll!?! “wink, wink” But on to the review of the original and best outfit of Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel in the box with accessories







Like in my review of DC Stars Dove, I was no big hurry to get this doll. I do like Ms. Marvel, but there was another thing I had to buy so I passed. Unlike Dove, this one I literally missed on the website. Took me a while to find her. Searched high and low for this one, until I called the Tonner store in NY. They told me that yes, they had JUST one left. Bought her right away! So…when I got her, I noticed that everything was on her. No need to dress her.

Ms. Marvel without mask







Her accessories (NOT pictured) are her mask, her “belt”, stand and shoes. Her black hands were already attached. The doll was VERY pretty. When I saw the picture on the website, she looked odd, even with the mask. I have learned my lesson concerning seeing pictures online and seeing the item in real person.The only thing I had to put on was the mask.

Ms. Marvel with mask on







The mask that Ms. Marvel wears is so much easier to put on. Heavier material than Dove’s mask. Reminds me of Huntress’ mask. And once it was on….she was ready to kick some butt! But alas….she is very hard to pose due to her boots. Her boots are very long….and cause her to NOT be able to pose well. Otherwise, I am very lucky to get this doll. Her edition size is 300. All Marvel Universe Tonner dolls are at 300, with the exception of Scarlet Witch and Dark Phoenix (exclusives). Great doll to have and if you are a Avengers fan or X-Men fan (especially the Rogue fans who want to recreate their fight from the late 70’s. Rogue’s review will be coming SOON!), then I suggest you look for this spectacular doll.





So…this is my last “time warp” review. If the facebook fans or casual fans on Tonner’s website would like to see me review some of the older Marvel Universe or DC Stars, please comment on here or on the Tonner facebook page (or in the comments section of this post). I do have some of the older dolls, like that of Dark Phoenix or Scarlet Witch, let me know. Otherwise, keep on collecting! 🙂


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  1. I would love to re-blog this article on my website blog & my wordpress blog. She is a strong woman in this man obsessed action figure society. Thank you for introducing me to her.

  2. Great review! I agree the boots can be a booger when posing is concerned, but the do look awesome on 😉 As a comic geek I like how you give some character background as well.

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