“Time Warp” review – Tonner DC Stars Dove | by Courtney Robinson

Dove (Dawn Granger) created in 1988 by Karl and Barbara Kesel and artist Rob Liefeld

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Dove is one of the most underrated characters in the DC Universe and one, I thought, would NEVER be made by the good folks at Tonner. Before I get to my review, let’s look at the history of Dove. Dove’s real name is Dawn Granger.  Dove is partners with Hawk, aka Hank Hall, and together they make the team known as “Hawk and Dove”. The team was created in 1968, but the team was different than the team we know now.

Hawk and Dove (Hank Hall and Dawn Granger)








In 1968,  creators of the team, Steve Ditko and Steve Skeats, had a different person as Dove. Dove was actually Hank’s brother, Don Hall. Hank and Don were chosen by the Lords of Order and Chaos to balance war and peace. Don was always be the “voice of reason” to his brother Hank, but Hank would always get in his way and fail. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Don gave up his life to help save the universe (along with a few other characters) and was a true hero. But, due to “Hawk and Dove” being a TEAM, the Lords of Order and Chaos picked Dawn to replace him as the second Dove.Over the years, the two work with the heroes of DC Universe and especially the group and my favorite team, The Teen Titans.

The Doves (Dawn and Don)








Now…when Tonner revealed Dove, I was a bit skeptical to buy her. Not because I did NOT like the woman (she puts up with Hank…who’s a jerk), but I had to deal with the others that were revealed at the same time as she was. I waited and waited until I could her for a GREAT deal and I’m happy that I did. She is one of the MOST unique DC Stars I have due to her costume.

Tonner DC Stars Dove







When I got her, I looked at the costume. Very unique blue with accents of white. The outfit already had the white hands attached to her and the cape was also on attached to her. Looking at the costume, it is a matte costume which feels like a fake leather. No way, in my opinion, that the costume can be ripped in the process of undressing the doll.

Close-up of the Dove doll (without white boots)







Now…the face was an interesting one. At first when looking at the doll online, I was a bit skeptical if I would LIKE the face. It was very blah and the mask did not help. But when I got the doll…the face was very unique to Dove. She looked like her counterpart in the comics. Also, the white hair is up in a ponytail.

Closeup shot of Dove (without mask)







Accessories that came with the doll included a stand, white boots,and blue mask.

Dove accessories







So, the first thing I do is put the boots on the doll. Always a challenge to put boots on a Tonner doll.  For Dove, it took just a minute to put them on and noticed that pops the outfit out even more.

Dove with boots on and NO mask







Lastly, I put on the mask. The mask was VERY thin. Thought at one point it was going to rip (from the string). But it took me awhile to figure out how to do it WITHOUT ripping it. The mask made her look more heroic.

Dove with ALL accessories







Overall, this doll is amazing. A little stiff when it comes to posing her…but looks great with other heroes. If you can find this doll and you are a BIG Teen Titans fan, then you should buy the doll. Waiting to get this doll was a blessing for me and I do NOT regret waiting due to her being a “odd” choice, but now you can only get her on other online sties or ebay, since Tonner sold out of her. But if you are a causal fan of hers and are debating like I was, try to find her. You will NOT regret it.

The mysterious Dove!







written by and special thanks to Tonner Super Fan Courtney Robinson:



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5 responses to ““Time Warp” review – Tonner DC Stars Dove | by Courtney Robinson

  1. Nice job Courtney! Don’t know what to request since idon’t know what you have! Pick a favorite of yours and go with that!

  2. I have 16″ Wonder Woman, Amazonian Champion, Catwoman, Batgirl, Poison Ivy and am very tempted to buy Dove.
    Im sad that my Wonder Woman is missing her golden tiara…was lost in cleaning.
    BUT these dolls are gorgeous.
    Im hoping we might get developed a 1960s villian SuperWoman evil amazon (grey hair no bracelets) and Nubia from the super friends comic….Wonder Womans “black sister” silly statement in the comic BUT a stunning suit and character.

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