Time Warp Review – DC Stars Batgirl by Courtney Robinson

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Batgirl was first DC Star that Tonner made when he was awarded the line from DC Comics, along with Supergirl and Wonder Woman. She is getting up there with age and this little gem is getting up in price as well (as I will explain later on in this blog!). While opening up the box I looked at the face and saw that it was a beautiful sculpt, but there were some other issues that I had trouble with concerning the body and the accessories….

The first thing I noticed was how long she was on display. She was at a local comic shop for at least the last five years (The owner would not budge on the price, kept it at $120). The belt buckle lost it’s sheen, but otherwise everything has been kept in precise order. The doll comes with a blue cowl, yellow boots and gloves (we will talk about them in a sec), and a stand.  Second thing I noticed with the accessories was that she had rubber, yes, rubber gloves. I found that really odd, but they did go over her hands like butter. LOL!

Overall…it only took me about a few minuets to put the doll all together and out of the box. A great doll to have, if you can find it. Like I said earlier, it is one of Tonner’s earlier DC Stars dolls, so it is getting pretty pricey. Also, it looks great next to the newer DC Stars like that of Huntress and Black Canary as well!


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  1. Nice review Courtney! Those glove may have fit like “buttah” on Batgirl-I don’t remember them being a problem-But putting those gloves on Batman was another issue entirely! I was sure i was going to tear one, but they finally slipped on…

  2. For my Batgirl, I sewed the ears of the cowl closed and removed the cowl from the neck piece. Once removed, I added eyelets so I could close the cowl behind her head. This made a very nice fitting cowl for her and looked more like the cowl in the comics.

    1. Id love to see a photo of your adjusted cowl Donald.
      Id love to make Black Orchid, Fleur De Lis, Phobia (all with cowls)

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