Thursday Night Festivites on Tonner Con: Pin Up and Other Fun Stuff!

Tonner Staffer Crispen

Wow, so much stuff to tell you guys about Thursday night.  The kick-off event, Pin Up (inspired by Robert’s collection of illustration art) was a huge success, and packed with surprises for all.


First of all, the souvenir doll, Pin Up Basic, was on a brand new Tyler body that’s never been revealed or seen before now.  The line that it will be a part of is coming later on this year, and will be called Tyler’s Nu Mood.  The head sculpt for the souvenir is also brand new, called the Pin Up sculpt.  She’s absolutely beautiful, with full pouty lips, come-hither eyes, a very….. well… she’s got new, larger endowments, and of course, cheek bones higher than Mt. Olympus.

Since the theme was Pin Up, all of Team Tonner donned adorable sailor shirts and hats.  The costumes worn by collectors were nothing less than amazing.  (See pics!)  It is so impressive how into costuming people can get.  If you’re fascinated by history and historical fashion (or just fashion), it really sucks you in!  Plus the enthusiasm is simply contagious!


Quincy Mata, Tonner Collector
Eric Goodman and Robert Tonner
Jeremy Austin and Stacy Corry

Another major surprise that took place during the first event was that Robert gave a very special 20-minute preview of the documentary that was just filmed about him, and Tonner Doll Company.  And yes, it will be available soon for all who want one!  The room was hushed, as all the eyes in the room were glued to the huge screen near the stage.  Robert is seen on screen doing things he does daily, such as meetings with staff, and of course, sculpting.

In this 20 minute preview a few more exciting secrets are revealed:  In one scene, Robert is sculpting, and when queried as to what the form he sculpted will be used for, he answered that it will eventually become a resin super hero body.  Gasps of delight filled the room with this exciting announcement!

The other secret that Robert and all of us have been barely able to keep from you is that in addition to Tonner Dolls, we are proud to announce there is also Tonner Toys.  Now, you’re going to hate this, but we simply cannot say more at this time.  But, my friends, worry not, because there will be a brief presentation about Tonner Toys at this Convention, given by one of Robert’s Tonner Toy partners Jason Reilly.  As soon as Jason gives his presentation we’ll happily report what he’s divulged regarding this exciting development!!

On to the centerpiece:  She was also a Pin UP sculpt, and again on the new Tyler body, but this time with raven hair, complete with pin curls, and tightly pulled back to the nape of the neck in a sexy bun.  She came complete with a sexy black and salmon-colored negligee, creamy silk bathrobe, and aqua slipper pumps trimmed with feathers.   She stood on a base that mimicked the sweet, classic black and white checker board kitchen tile, and came compete with a playful beagle, whimsically tugging at her nightie.

Pin Up Table Centerpiece

Here’s the opening presentation:


Not only was the kick off event a success, but there were some other grand openings as well.  The Vendor Sales Room had a memorable ribbon cutting ceremony led by Robert, to launch it’s opening.  The line to get in wrapped nearly half way around the hotel!  People were very excited to get inside, and get inside they did!

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Vendor Sales Room
Vendor Sales Room....Packed to the Gills!


Additionally, a very special 20 Years of Tonner Exhibit room had been set up, and that also opened this evening.  I know, so much to do, so little time!  In this room, the emotions were absolutely palpable.  There were all the great milestone dolls in Robert’s 20-year career, and each one is a symbol of dreams and hopes that have come true.   One of the Tonner Staffers, Michelle Hodge, was very moved to be surrounded by Robert’s milestones.  She’s been with Robert since the very beginning, and when asked what it felt like to be among a lifetime of his creations, she was visibly moved.  She expressed that she was just so proud of Robert, and that it really was very emotional for her.  I’m sure, for her, Robert and many others, that each doll holds a special memory, and to be surrounded by them all at once, well…. I’m welling up a little just thinking about it!


Well friends, time to close for now.  More fun stuff is on the way, there’s no denying that!

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  1. This looks like everyone is having a blast! If I were to go to a convention, the irony is, as a friend commented, I would have to give up buying dolls to save the money to go to one.

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