The Tonner Blog Already Reaches International

One of the most exciting things about blogging is that words and images can cross national borders and sweep the globe. Already doll lovers have begun enjoying our beginnings, as you can see in this machine translation from the French. Our retailer in Paris Miss Vinyl enjoyed our video of doll posing yesterday. And like us really is looking forward to what blogging can bring:

You will be able to supplement your morning break by a visit to the TONNER BLOG. Robert Tonner spreads himself on the fabric with a new tool which I hope will be abundant with info. Already, you can view Laura, manager production of its state, handle (with pulley blocks… I joke) sumptuous DeeAnna Bye Bye Baby or the very gun James Collins.

I am entirely for these videos which enable us to see the product a little better than on the photographs of prototypes.

-trans by Babel Fish

La première étant de siroter son café devant le blog de Miss Vinyl (si, si, certaines d’entre vous me l’ont dit…). Vous pourrez compléter votre pause matinale par la visite du BLOG TONNER. Robert Tonner se répand sur la toile avec un nouvel outil que j’espère abondant en infos. Déjà, vous pouvez visionner Laura, production manager de son état,  manipuler (avec des moufles… je blague) la somptueuse DeeAnna Bye Bye Baby ou le très canon James Collins.

Je suis entièrement pour ces vidéos qui nous permettent de voir le produit un peu mieux que sur les photos de prototypes.

– Miss Vinyl Blog

Check out the Miss Vinyl Blog, even if you don’t read French! The language of dolls is international after all.

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