The Repaint Workshop, Young New York, and the 20 Years of Tonner Seminar…. and MORE!

Tonner Con Repaint Workshop

First thing this morning, an amazing Repaint Workshop was held, presented by Megan Mckenzie.  This workshop filled up incredibly fast, and the collectors dove right in!  Collecting dolls is such an expansive hobby, and we want our collectors to experience every facet dolls have to offer.

Tonner Con Repaint Workshop

To see the whole Repaint Workshop Album, click HERE!

Also at 9am sharp, the Tonner/Wilde Sales Room opened!  It was absolutely PACKED, and within an hour or so, much of the proudct had been cleared out from the room.  Take a look:

Tonner/Wilde Sales Room grand Opening! This pic was snapped literally moments after the doors opened! Crazy, right?
Young New York Table Centerpiece from Friday Brunch

Onto the Friday Brunch with Andy, Cami & Jon:  Young New York!  Well, let me tell you:  Andy, Cami & Jon sure can throw a party!! Robert kicked things off with a really cool pitch reel.  What is a pitch reel, you ask?  Well, it’s an interesting story:  sometime last year, Robert was approached by a production company about making a reality show about our company.  A film crew came and shot some office goings-on, and created what’s called a pitch tape or pitch reel to shop around to the networks.  So far, nothing has ever come from it, but who knows?  It’s still being pursued, so only time will tell what the future holds!

Also, a BRAND NEW sculpt and character for the Cami & Jon line named Gina.  She’s a basic, with purple intimates, auburn hair, and a stunning bone structure!  Here’s a pic:

Ultra Basic Gina

We also managed to capture a nice little sound-bite from long-time Tonner Collector, Paula Kagan:  Check it!


Everybody, thanks so much for tuning into the Convention!  We hope we’re living up to our expectations here, and if there’s something you want to see or hear, and aren’t please leave a comment to tell us!  Again, thanks so much for letting us bring Tonner Con to YOU!

Coming up:  Tonight 6pm is the Shadows Wilde Imagination event, and tomorrow there’s a delightful child doll event where a brand new ball jointed doll will be revealed, as well as the Marvel lunch, Masquerade Ball and PJ Party!  So stay tuned, Tonner Friends!!

9 responses to “The Repaint Workshop, Young New York, and the 20 Years of Tonner Seminar…. and MORE!

  1. THIS is what I waited for with such anticipation! Regardless of what they wore or looked like, I *really* wanted the Young New York centerpiece! I had no idea until early this afternoon that all three dolls were part of the centerpiece! To say I am happy to have had an attendee purchase this on my behalf is quite the understatement! Just a couple of weeks ago I was able to get the Paris convention Cami, who remains the masterpiece in my Cami collection. NOW to get the centerpiece from the Cami event is an absolute thrill! My Cami collection brings me such joy and beauty! There are far worse addictions than mine to Cami! I have collected dolls my entire young life, when my mother bought me beautiful Madame Alexander and Vogue and Effanbee dolls. I can honestly declare that Cami is my all-time favorite doll! I am SO ecstatic to add this centerpiece to my collection!

    1. Wow, so glad you like her, Karin! She was a companion doll that was available for purchase only, not as a souvenir. Gorgeous!

      Thanks for following The Con,
      Team Tonner

  2. Karin, the attendee who purchased the Cami centerpiece for me said all of the dolls were purchases, none included in the event. Gina was $75, I was told, and Cami, Jon, and Andy were each about $175. So that should give people shopping the secondary market an idea of “good/fair” asking/selling prices. Gina is pretty, isn’t she?

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