The Micro World of Marmarky Tonner Doll – Czech Republic Collecting

Marmarky = Marie and Marketa, mother and daughter. We discovered Tonner´s dolls accidentally, 5 yearsago on Erika´s site ( and immediately we fell in love with them. Erika gave us advise on how and where to buy Tonner´s dolls and we bought our first dolls on the Internet. They are wonderful and we want more. We began to sew their first dresses, to knit their first sweaters and made our first furniture and accessories. And then… their miniature world came into the existence.

First we took photos of our scenes on the table in front of the window, later we built our outdoor scenes in the garden. Creation for dolls is like a drug for us, it is a pleasure and sometimes a big fun, so every month we make a new scene for them. We make furniture, equipment and accessories from everything around us, we seldom buy something new because we are glad that we can use things that don´t serve for anything else. Our relatives and other members of our family and friends who know about our hobby always us bring various useful and handy things that we can use. Very often, seeming detail is an impulse for new doll´s story.

Our dolls live their life full of adventure, they are in prehistoric times, in the future, they live in a castle and also in a cottage, they know hot summer and snowy countryside, sometimes they have to work and at other times they relax. Maybe this is a reason why they like us 🙂 and others keep arriving.

Thanks to the dolls we have met a lot of Internet friends who have the same hobby and as much  fun who regularly visit our pages – Because of Internet you can see how Tonner´s dolls live in the Czech Republic and it is a great thing.


One of the great joys of our blog has been the discovery and sharing of the passionate Czech Republic Tonner Doll collectors. If you recall it all began with Tamara of Mexico city who connected us to both Erika and Denisa who have such passion and talent. In fact a completely new world of International Tonner has been unfolding before our English speaking readers, as collectors from Poland and Russia have followed – this diversity of collecting is something that inspired our very own Doll Duels

We asked Erika if she could share more about her Czech Republic friends so she translated this little introduction written by a mother and daughter team. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is extraordinary collecting. Be sure to visit their site, and use Google translate to help you navigate the menu and explore the albums. Inspiring.

And if you have news of any Tonner Collector communities that you’d like to share we’d love to hear about them. Just email us at

8 responses to “The Micro World of Marmarky Tonner Doll – Czech Republic Collecting

  1. I just read the cave dweller story and the jewelry store story and they are amazing even in poorly translated Czech! This doll collector is wonderfully talented and very funny.

  2. Dear Marketa and Marie, your work for dolls, your enthusiasm, your great ideas and creativity is so inspiring for me, and I believe, for every people who create for dolls. I wish you a great new ideas and I´m pleased that I met you. Erika :-))

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