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Take a look at Tamara’s Radiant in Ruby Charlotte from our 2006 catalog . In her blog post she writes about how she has delayed in purchasing her for one reason or another, until finally, finally bringing her home. We are loving Tamara’s blog, and of course her wonderful photography. Be sure after you see the article to check out her Flickr here.


When Erika (www.erica.cz) presented me Tonner doll catalog (2006)  I was in heaven! I loved all of the dolls from the catalog BUT one of them left me speechless. Fabulous, elegant, gorgeous, beautiful, perfect Radiant in Ruby Charlotte. I love her smile, her fantastic black hair and nice brown eyes.

BUT when Erika and me decided to realize our first order I chose another doll – Basic Esme 2006. I left the idea of to buy this Charlotte because I considered her very expensive :S. Now when I see all my dolls, considering their value, I cannot to believe that I didnt buy her inmediatelly 😀 DD I had to buy 5 Tonner dolls more for to decide that is impossible to resist more 😀 DD.

So here is… one of my most beautiful dolls… my fulfilled collector dream 😀 . Her name in my collection is Mila as my mother 😀 and once again a big thank you to Erika for to help me with her purchase!!!

via Mildendo Magazine | Personal blog of a doll collector, tonner doll fan and coordinator of Plaza Mildendo.

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