Superman Loses His “Underwear” – Something Not Right?

Superman Underwear-less?

Another little bit of comic tidbit news found via which is fast becoming one of our favorite comic news source around Tonner offices. Okay, there is an internet rumor that he might get them at some point in the film, but most feel that it is just going to be like this the whole way. Something about this just doesn’t seem right. Oddly enough Robert was just telling us when we were researching the DC character blog post that the difficulty with some of the iconic comic characters like Superman was that you just can’t color outside the lines, so to speak. They just have to be a certain way. Perhaps the film and its sans shorts Superman will give some permission to be more creative with DC character figures. But as pointed out in comments, the missing garment isn’t underwear at all, but rather the traditional Strong Man shorts. What do you all think? A daring re-vision? Or a big design faux pas?

Sidenote: When we showed the picture to Joanne our wonderful Community Mgr. and said “Superman doesn’t have underwear in the new film” she looked, and looked, and looked and finally said “How can you tell?”

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