Super-Fan Review of the NEW Donna Troy, by Ms. Courtney Robinson

Tonner Super-Fan Courtney Robinson

Many of you know our dear friend Courtney Robinson from our Facebook family.  She’s an integral part of our fan base, always engaging with us and other collectors, and being a constant source of deep comic book knowledge, product suggestions, support and encouragement!  And many of you probably read her amazing review of Raven.  Today, Courtney is back with a fresh Fan Review of one more of her favorite Teen Titan characters from our DC STARS line:  Donna Troy, Wondergirl!

Donna Troy is a powerful woman in the DC Universe, but never gets respect.  Her origin is messed up (clone of Wonder Woman, saved from a burning building by Wonder Woman, a goddess), but one thing is for certain:  “She’s Donna Troy, bitch!”

Tonner revealed Donna as Wonder Girl back on September 28th, 2011. Many people, including myself, have been writing to Tonner about this amazing woman, and we finally got her (even though she is in her Wonder Girl costume).

Donna came with black boots, bracelets, and earrings. The first thing I noticed was the fact that I had to put the earrings in….Donna is the first doll I ever got from Tonner which I had to put in the earrings in. I could not find the holes (finally did…but they were too small and did not want to ruin her). 

Then I put the bracelets on her and was amazed at how stunning the doll looked.

Beautiful CW head sculpt, one of my favorites out of all the Tonner dolls I own (including my fave, Raven). The black hair was stunning, and the outfit made me appreciate how much Tonner took the time to design the jumpsuit Donna wore  during the New Teen Titans days in the 1970’s.  

After I got her into the stand, I went and placed Donna next to her teammates, Starfire and Raven.  She looked perfect next to her.

Finally I have my Titans team in doll form and it is a great day for Wonder Woman fans as well to finally have Donna. This is a MUST have for any Wonder Woman or Titans fan out there and for the price….it’s worth it!

 Thank you, Miss Courtney, for taking the time to not only write a review of Donna Troy, but also for sharing your enthusiasm for comic characters and all things Tonner!


One response to “Super-Fan Review of the NEW Donna Troy, by Ms. Courtney Robinson

  1. I just bought her! Cant wait to get her….finally Donna Troy is in there.
    I loved reading about her in 1981 Teen Titans fighting aliends to save Starfire and Raven…
    I now have:
    Black Canary
    Poison Ivy
    Amazon Gold Armour Wonder Woman
    Athena’s Champion

    Silver Banshee
    Killer Frost
    Wonder Woman
    Liberty Belle
    Snow Woman
    Andromeda the Amazon Captain

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