Sunday Breakfast: The last day of Tonner Con 2011!

Wilhelmina Wonka Sunday Breakfast Centerpiece
Charlie Bucket - Sunday Souvenir

Onto Sunday morning:  Scrumdittlyumtious Breakfast!  For the last event, we had the Wonka-esque breakfast, including the OOAK charity raffle.  Us crazy Tonner Staffers donned a bright blue tye-dyed shirt and white Wonka glasses to fit the part!

Team Tonner, Wonka-fied!
Eric Goodman and Jack Kralik: Wonka-tastic!
Are we having a good time? YES!!
The Mad Hatter even made an appearance: Jannie Culshaw!

Every year at Convention, we give away one free registration for the next Convention to one lucky collector.  This year, in true Wonka fashion, each seat at every table was adorned with a yummy Tonner Bar.  Hidden inside  only one was the coveted Golden Ticket.  Here is our lucky winner:

I found the Golden Ticket!
Robert congratulates the lucky winner of the coveted Golden Ticket: Free Registration for the next Convention!

Robert was presented with a very special surprise from the Tonner Staff:


This year’s charity was A Friend’s House, and the raffle was a great success, so thank you to all who bid and donated.  We were able to raise quite a substantial amount, and our hearts are brimming with pride and joy to have helped such a worthwhile cause.  Take a look at the incredible OOAKs that were produced by Tonner’s Design Team at the Wall Street offices:

Big Betsy Wonder Woman OOAK
The Owl and the Pussycat: Auction Item
Avatar: Wilde Style! Auction Item; Hand-painted by Sherry Miller and Tonner's Melanie.
Paula Kagan at the Tonner Auction for A Friend's House

There was also some very kind words spoken of Robert.  Both Jack Kralik, Tonner VP, and Harris Saffier, Robert’s partner, got up and spoke about Robert’s amazing milestone.  Jack told us the story of how he ended up working for Robert:  Robert and Jack were once neighbors, when Robert bought his first home upstate.  When Robert moved in, Jack noted that Robert was known around the neighborhood as the elusive, glamorous fashion designer from New York.  Little did he know that Robert was busy sculpting dolls and sewing their clothes inside that very house!

Jack used to work with Harris as a realtor, and when he decided to move on after many years, Harris told Robert not to let Jack get away.  Robert enthusiastically called Jack to encourage him to join Team Tonner, and the rest is history!  We’ve got great video of this and we promise we’re going to share it, but it seems to be taking quite a while to upload (!), and we simply don’t want to hold this post off any longer… But as we said, we will absolutely share it as soon as it’s finished processing!

Harris spoke about Robert’s terrific collectors (YOU!), and how you’ve all given him the opportunity to do what he loves.  You see, it is all of you wonderfully dedicated, fatally loyal collectors that have allowed Robert to pursue and live his dream, and for that, Harris is eternally grateful.  Harris spoke of how proud he is of Robert for pursuing his dreams, and how happy he is to have been a part of it.  Again, we have this on video, and will share as soon as it uploads!  Bring your Kleenex, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Here Robert gets a tearful hug from Michelle Hodge, who’s been with the company since it’s incarnation 20 years ago.  This was a very emotional milestone for them both:

20 Years Hug: Michelle Hodge and Robert Tonner

As this exciting, emotionally charged weekend drew to a close, it soon came time to say goodbye.  Truth be told, it was very bitter-sweet.  Here we are:  we’ve had this amazing time together, but goodbyes are never easy.  You see, you’ve all touched our lives in such a special way, especially Robert, and sometimes, it’s hard to put into words how incredibly important you are to what Tonner is, and has become.  We can’t thank you enough for coming to Convention, either virtually or actually, and we are so grateful for the endless support you’ve given us!  The friendship seeds that have been planted and that have sprouted and grown over the past 20 years mean more to us than words can really express.  We’ve said it before, and we’re proud to say it again:  We’re NOTHING without YOU!!  You’ve all given Robert and Tonner Doll 20 great years, and for that, we THANK YOU, and here’s to 20 more!

8 responses to “Sunday Breakfast: The last day of Tonner Con 2011!

  1. This is so touching and emotional, even virtually. Tonner Doll Company has most definitely touched and changed my life irrevocably and for the better. THANK YOU all for everything! CONGRATULATIONS!

    1. Thank you so very much Sheilah! The feeling is absolutely mutual, you’ve touched our lives in countless ways! Your never-ending support is a truly a testament to the friendships and connections made in the wide world of collecting! Thanks so much:)

      Team Tonner

  2. Thank you Robert and team!! All the work you put into each convention, so we can come and play is truly appreciated. I had a great time! My husband even enjoys watching from the hallways…..he’s the one in the registration picture observing all!

    1. Janelle,

      It was a PLEASURE having you and your observing husband! Thank you so much for coming and joining in the celebration! It really means a lot that you were there, since this is a huge milestone for us, and what better way to celebrate than with the people who had a hand in our success (YOU: the Collect-Os!). Thanks so much for your comment here on our blog, and we certainly hope you’ll stop by from time to time and tell us more about your Tonner experience!
      Thanks again, Janelle!

      Team Tonner

  3. Thannks so much for all the wonderful and beautiful dolls that have been created…it was such a thrill to meet so many I have spoken to over the phone but never got a chance to meet in person, Robert was such a thrilll to meet and see he man behind these works of true Art, and the Julie you are awesome, for helping so much and Michele…and so many other the IDEX was my first convention and it was (words can not say enough!)…Since my illness it has been had and having all my dolls and getting my new ones…has been a drive for me not to mention a great way for my only niece and I to bond closer…she was speechless and so wants to go to design school now…I was not able to attend the 20th and I so wanted to…But I have all plans set aside for the Halloween…and I know it will be Super and Gothic and full of treats!…Thanks again for all you have given me…TONNER AND CREW are the BEST!!

    1. I got Warped Reality and two others and my first Ellowyne and Amber…but the details on the witch we ANAZING…waiting for the other superheros and need to order DAMON SALVATORE..And Starfire!

      1. Hi again,

        Also, just to let you know, you can now order Starfire at She’ll begin shipping to you around 6.10. 🙂

        Team Tonner

    2. Hi Tresea!

      Wow, we are bowled over by your kind words. It means a lot that you’ve taken the time to leave such a wonderful comment here on our blog, we really appreciate your support and encouragement! We concur that Robert, Julie and Michelle are SUPER awesome, and we’ll certainly be passing your kind words along to them. Idex was great this year, it was marvelous that you could attend! We are very much looking forward to seeing you at our Halloween Convention. Don’t worry about missing this past Convention, there will be loads more celebrating to do at Halloween, too! Thanks again for your endless support and outpouring of kind words.

      All the Best,
      Team Tonner

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