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Yes, I am a dollaholic.  And as such, I collect all types of dolls.  Fashion dolls, vintage dolls, little dolls, big dolls, vinyl dolls, hard plastic dolls, etc.  One of my etc. categories is child dolls.  Yes, I LOVE child dolls just as much as I love any of my dolls.

I was a little tiny girl (well, a little girl, anyway) I loved Barbie just as much as any other little girls of the time.  But I have to confess, when Skipper came out, I was thrilled!  I LOVED her – more than Barbie.  And to this day, when I see my Skipper (yes, the same one from when I was little) I just sigh.  The sight of her takes me instantly back to being a little girl.  Not a care in the world except for when can I get more clothes for my Skipper.  And when my grandmother hand knitted clothes for her, I was in heaven!  I still have some of those clothes and it still amazes me how she could knit with such small needles and thin yarn.  I plan on passing them on to my granddaughters and I hope they have as much fun with them as I did.

Now, as a child doll collector, I have something new to look forward to!  Tonner Doll is coming out with more new Patsys in the fall release on August 29.  I have seen them and they are way beyond cute!!!  …AND they come on the Ann Estelle body, so she can wear the clothes you’ve already got in your collection, plus the new Patsy outfits can fit your Ann Estelles too!  If you are a child doll lover too you are just going to want them all!!! (even if you do not particularly collect child dolls, you will STILL want to have them!!)

Here’s a photo of the first new Patsy that came out at the convention in May 2012.

Isn’t she just adorable???  So, make sure you check out the release on Wednesday, August 29.  Let me know your thoughts after looking at the new dolls.  🙂

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6 responses to “So Excited – New Child Dolls!

  1. I am so happy to hear there are child dolls coming from Tonner again! Very much missed and long overdued. Can’t wait to see them!

  2. Me too, I love the little girl dolls. When I saw this Patsy, it was hard to not fall in love with her especially after seeing all the different wigs that collectors have been using. Those big eyes are hard to resist. I still have many 10″ MEs and the 18″ ME that I love. Oh, dear, what is Mr. Tonner going to tempt me with?

  3. Wow , New Patsy is so Art Noveau , my favorite kind of movies . I can be tempted .
    I was excited to meet Robert Toner yesterday.
    Asked if there were any other ethnecticities of Patsy .
    His reply “Not yet .” , Has me holding my breath .

  4. So glad to hear this! I love the Ann Estelle series and so does my daughter. I just received the Patsy send to me by a dear US friend (We cannot buy these dolls where I come from) and cant wait to see what else is up!


  5. how about betsy mccall in child dolls. some new ones, clothes or patterns for the little 8 inch doll. I collect her and I also have tiny Miss Kitty. I love both of these dolls. I am sad no more Little Miss Kitty and not much going on for little Betsy McCall. I was hoping for a release of a small plane in red or blue to go along with the convention white one that most of us couldn’t get. She needs more accessories, clothes, and patterns. How about a book all about betsy from the beginning to now?

  6. I just noticed that the new line of Patsy dolls have softer painted faces and applied lashes. I think it makes the dolls look sweeter and more child like than the first “Christmas Morning” doll that came out in May. I ordered both of the dressed doll, that are the blond and redhead. I also ordered the basic doll and the “Pink Town Coat ” outfit for her. I do think the outfits are over priced, because the difference in price between the basic doll and dressed doll is $50, but they are charging $90 for an outfit.I feel that if they lowered the prices of the outfits to $50 or $60 that would be a fair price.

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