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I am going to start today’s blog with a very exciting news release!

“Bulldog Licensing signs Tonner Doll Company to produce a replica Sindy doll.

The popular Sindy dolls from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s are set to return in spring 2013.

Robert Tonner and the Tonner Doll Company will produce a replica Sindy doll for the collectors market, Bulldog Licensing has announced.

The British doll first launched in 1963 and went on to sell over 150 million units worldwide. The Sindy brand is still popular today, with classic dolls selling for as much as £1,500 on eBay, Top Shop featuring Sindy in its blogs and footwear brand Irregular Choice using Sindy in its 2012 Lookbook.

Tonner will be recreating the 1972 Trendy Girl Sindy and develop original and modern clothing styles to accompany the doll.

“We are really looking forward to bringing Sindy into the Tonner fold,” said Robert Tonner.  “As a huge doll collector myself, it is quite a dream come true to be able to work with such an iconic name in the world of collectibles such as Sindy.”

Bulldog MD Rob Corney added: “We are delighted to have brought a market leader such as Robert Tonner on board for a programme that is growing rapidly. Sindy is big news at present and this is being reflected in the huge amounts of interest we are dealing with from the licensing community.”

Sindy celebrates her 50th birthday next spring.”

Yes, Tonner Doll is remaking the wildly popular Sindy doll.  We are VERY excited about this project and can’t wait for the doll’s debut which will be sometime in 2013.

While researching for this blog, I found some very interesting information about Sindy.  Chances are if you are reading this, you are already a Sindy fan.  But, did you know that the Ideal Doll Company, that produced the Tammy Doll, allowed Pedigree to copy their doll for manufacturing, as long as they changed the name of the doll.  They even borrowed Tammy’s slogan:  The doll you love to dress!

How fitting is that!  Especially since the Tonner Doll Company slogan is Believe in the Power of Play.  We encourage collectors to dress, redress, make clothing for, repaint, etc.

I have created a You Tube playlist of Sindy videos for you to look at.

the Pedigree Sindy Doll Family

And here is a list of just some of the great websites dedicated to Sindy.   – New Website under Construction

Enjoy reading all about Sindy and we’ll have more news for you on her release date soon!

Thanks for reading!

76 responses to “Sindy – the doll you love to dress!

  1. I read with interest that Tonner will be making a replica Trendy Girl Sindy. I have some questions about that:

    Will the doll be made in exactly the same way as the original, or will there be differences, subtle, or otherwise, as a concession to modern day manufacturing rules?

    Are the outfit ranges going to be based on those in the Sindy range at that time, or totally new styles?

    Lastly, any plans to make replicas of any other Sindy dolls? I have high hopes some other classic dolls from the Sindy timeline will one day be manufactured again.

    I must add I am very pleased to hear news of Tonner’s involvement with Sindy. Although I don’t own any Tonner dolls I have long admired them in person at fairs and via seeing pics on the net.

    PS I have put Our Sindy Museum as my website, it isn’t my site but I’m a fan of theirs.

    1. Thanks for the comments 🙂
      here are some answers from Robert:
      Due to the safety standards today, subtle changes were made but I intend the doll to look the same.
      re: outfits
      we will be doing both vintage outfits and also bring her up to date
      re: other Sindy dolls
      I have high hopes for Sindy and i would love to do other versions and family members
      re: owning a Tonner
      I hope you will soon own a Tonner Sindy doll 🙂

      miss nancy

      1. This new Sindy will indeed be my first Tonner doll. 🙂

        Thanks for answering my questions, much appreciated.

        Oh to be a fly on the wall at Tonner in the lead up to the sale of this new Sindy.

        I hope she is going to feature in some YouTube updates?

  2. Over the past few years I’ve seen a number of Tonner dolls that I admired both for their beautiful sophistication and for their detailed outfits. Being a hardbitten Sindy fan I resisted temptation to buy any but would be delighted if you could carry on Pedigrees early work and take Sindy into this new century.
    Have you checked out any of the Sindy Annuals that were produced in the late 60’s and early 70’s? Sindy was a career girl running her own fashion business and not a child like New Moon and the other later firms made her out to be. The independent young lady is the doll I’d(and I’m sure thousands of other Sindy fans) would like to see recreated.
    Please don’t go down the blonde, pink, 12 year old doll path. I’m sure with your track record you won’t.
    All the best with your research.
    PS a good source of info for you would be actually joining one of the UK’s Sindy forums and looking at the dolls the collectors love. I’m sure it would give your firm inspiration.

    1. Thanks for the comments on Sindy
      I asked Robert about the doll and the annuals
      here is his response:

      “I am aware of the annuals and I agree – Sindy should be a young woman and not a child. Patch however, is a child 🙂 I have been in touch with UK collectors and look forward to hearing any and all suggestions.”

      miss nancy

  3. As an avid fan of Tonner Dolls (and Wilde Imagination) – I have a Large collection of Tylers and smaller collections of several other figures by Tonner – I was delighted to hear that Tonner would be involved in the making of a Replica of the 1972 Pedigree Sindy Trendy Girl Doll. I think us genuine collectors are all hoping that she will certainly have “the” face that we all love the most….. you’ll most probably had lots of emails and stuff about that already!
    I grew up knowing the early Sindy from ’63, plus her friend Paul and her sister Patch – Barbie was not allowed!

    Can I just query the date for her 50th Birthday with you – a lot of us avid fans are aware that her official Birthday is on 6th September (that’s when she was Officially released for sale in the Toy Shops UK wide).

    Here’s the link to another Sindy Forum :-

    Looking forward to hearing more about this exciting project as and when you can share it with us !

    1. thanks for the note Anita.
      Here are a few comments back from Robert:
      “We are trying our best to make her as accurate as possible. I hope you’ll be pleased. I am not aware of her birthday date but I look forward to learning more about Sindy.”

      thanks for the info on the birthday Anita – I know that we all are very excited about the Sindy project.
      miss nancy

  4. I’m racking my brain to remember this doll! Usually, any one of the Brady Bunch would have made me take notice. Thanks for the info. I’m sure Tonner will do a great job-can’t wait!

  5. Well, I look forward to seeing the new Sindy. I am actually sitting in my home office right now looking at my 3-storey Sindy townhouse full of all her furniture. Sindy ALWAYS had the best accessories and furniture.
    I have about 25 Sindy dolls from the ’70s, ’80s and 1 from the ’90s.
    I hope the new Sindy will look at home in her townhouse, even if the interior is a little outdated!!! 🙂

    1. hi Lynne

      I LOVE that townhouse – i have seen it often on EBAY and in vintage ads – very cool! i especially love her shower! 🙂
      miss nancy

  6. Hi Nancy,

    I heard about this wonderful news through Sindy friends and can’t wait to hear more about the proposed Sindy replica, being released for her 50th birthday next year.

    I have been collecting Sindy for over 25 years now and would love to see the Trendy Girl re-established as the iconic fashionista that she was in the 1970s :-). This model is today a very popular version of Sindy in the collectors world and many consider to have the most beautiful face. It would also be great to see a new set of fashions produced for the new Sindy as with the original doll.

    I look forward to hearing future news about Sindy and Tonner and I will certainly be putting her on my wish list!

    Best wishes,
    Karen 🙂

    1. hi Karen
      so glad to hear that you too are a Sindy fan. Robert is very excited about this project and i know we will be giving lots of updates
      thanks for reading my blog 🙂

      miss nancy

  7. I love Sindy and what I’d like to ask is when will she be available to buy ? Also hopeing you make her the fully posable ballarina wiv the slightly harder smaller head with good a head of hair and semetrical eyes as this is a problem with dolls now days 🙁 hope you make the ballarina Sindy doll 🙂

    1. Hi Maria – Sindy will be available in 2013 – we will have information on exactly when after the first of the year when she is introduced formally. and i will pass along your comments about the ballerina

      miss nancy

  8. I think it’s wonderful news that Toner with be reproducing a new Sindy Doll, especially your chosen doll being, “The Trendy Girl” Trendy Girls have always been a HUGE hit with collectors and I for one are very excited to see the end result. I have added an extract taken from my website at which may help you in some way when recreating your new doll? I’m sure collectors would really appreciate her resembling the Original Trendy Girl as much as humanly possible. It is also lovely to see you have used one of my dolls on your page (Trendy Girl).

    Kindest Regards

    Aly Simmons

    1971 Trendy Girl

    The Trendy Girl is one of the (if not the) most popular and highly sought after dolls amongst collectors today. This doll has centre-parted shoulder length hair, real eyelashes (still the push-in type) and a new style pop off head enabling it to be tilted at any angle. She has high color facial features, Hair colors, dark Blonde, light Blonde, Brunette, Ash blonde (almost silver) Chestnut and Auburn, with a blue elastic hair band. Underneath her hair you will notice a plastic rim, which looks like it should have holes for more hair to go into, but for some unknown reason they were made this way? Mainly found with a twisty waist but some do have a non-twist waist, (referred to as EG dolls by collectors. Outfits are Trendy Girl, Day Girl, New Fashion Girl, Fun Furs, Miss Sindy and Midi Look. Twisty waist markings are 033055X on the back of the head, 033029 between the shoulder blades and 033030 on the lower back. Non-twist waist markings are 033055X on the back of head and EG 033087 X between the shoulder blades.

    1. Hi Aly

      thanks for the info on Trendy Girl – I always say, the more information the better!
      and your Trendy Girl is a really lovely example of the doll.
      Miss Nancy

  9. I am a big fan of the beautiful Tonner dolls, easily the nicest dolls on the market today.

    I am an English woman who grew up with Sindy.

    Please can you not ‘Americanize’ her. Here in the UK many girls loved their Barbies, but loved their Sindys more because we felt she was a British girl, like us. This was a fundamental part of her.

    I would seem very wrong to see “Thanksgiving Sindy”, or “4th July Sindy” or “Happy Holidays Sindy”.

    I am glad that if a company is going to resurrect her that is should be yours, but please do try to avoid taking away this most precious aspect of her.

  10. So happy to hear that you will be producing a replica Sindy doll….this is very exciting news indeed. I was just wondering, though, if there were any plans to produce any replica Tammy dolls? Tammy turned 50 this year and was the doll that Sindy was copied from. I am primarily a Tammy doll collector with a couple of Sindy’s in my collection since she is Tammy’s clone. Therefore, I would be much more be interested in seeing a Tammy replica.

      1. In the 70’s, Sindy packaging had heart tokens printed on it. The owner would cut these out, save them up and then post them to Pedigree for the current token scheme item on offer. These items included the June (Sindy’s friend) dolls, exclusive dresses and hairdressing sets for Sindy. The scheme was a nice little extra for Sindy owners. It would be great if Tonner were to do something similar.

        I’ve just remembered there was a Sindy club with newsletters and gifts (1960’s Sindy) and then again in the early Hasbro years of Sindy (newsletters, gifts, specially priced dolls for members and possibly another collector scheme).

  11. What about Tammy for those of us on the other side of the pond ? Will Robert consider her, Tammy, the Ideal teen, she is very similar to Sindy?

    1. hi Elaine
      I asked the same question – Sindy, in fact, was the Tammy doll – marketed in England. The history of how that all happened is pretty interesting.

  12. So excited about the new Sindy doll. Will she be only aimed at the collectors market, or will she be suitable for young girls also? Another question is, what price range will the new Sindy doll be aiming for, and will it be available in high street stores?

  13. Hi Nancy,

    Oh I was sooooo excited when I recently learnt that Tonner is going to release Sindy in her original form that we all know and love.

    But I just received another blog update as I subscribed to this and my mouth dropped.

    It says:-

    **SHIPPING NOTICE – our licensing agreement allows us to ship this item to the following countries: United States, Canada, and France

    Oh no, I am from Australia.

    And there is also no mention of shipping to the UK.

    These 2 countries I am sure were where Sindy was most popular and it seems we will not be able to purchase the Sindy Doll from Tonner.

    Would you be able to tell me how we will be able to purchase her as it appears it will not be from

    I hope we are not being excluded as you would be missing the vast majority of original Sindy followers and collectors.

    1. Hi Kimberley

      Not sure where that info came from but we definitely have WORLDWIDE distribution for Sindy – so you will defintiely be able to buy her from Tonner Doll online 🙂

      Miss Nancy

  14. Hi Tonner
    I’m delighted that your releasing a replica of the Trendy Girl…
    But is it possible to do a replica of the very first girl from 1963 with similar body build, hairstyle and outfit etc to the original ….
    Just thought it would be good idea to do replicas from the decades it would show the changing face and style of Sindy……. (but not the Hasbro!)
    I’m really pleased your recreating her especially as I’m a big fan of Robert Tonner, I could’nt wish for a better person (Company) to bring her back….Thankyou xx

    1. hi Maxine – i got an answer for you
      our Sindy will be marketed to collectors – we do not have the license to do toys

      hope that helps

      miss nancy

  15. Hi , I am so excited about sindy being released as trendy girl in her former glory.I love collecting her and reading about all her history.I would love to know her release date and where I can buy her from , I can’t wait .

  16. Hi Nancy
    I have been checking your blog and eagerly await Sindy, I am in Australia and definately dont want to miss out on a purchase. I have already checked and keep checking Tonner online to see if she is advertised

    any clues as to when she will be released ???
    honestly just cant wait

    its so exciting
    luv Rochelle

    1. hi Rochelle

      we are eagerly awaiting her also 🙂
      and just as soon as we have information on her arrival, we will make sure to let everyone know

      thanks 🙂

      miss nancy

  17. Hi Nancy,

    My heart was making a jump by hearing Sindy will be ‘reborn’ this spring!
    I also found out me and Sindy were born on the same date.
    Suddenly around mu 12 birthday I saw Sindy in here ballet outfit. I was instantly in love with here. Since than I designed clothes and stuff for here. My daughter loves here too.
    Recently I designed special slippers for her. Hand crocheted.
    I would like to sent a pair to you, for Sindy , for here birthday.

    Will Sindy be available in The Netherlands too?

    with kind regards,

  18. Sindy was my first doll and I have many happy memories of playing with her. It is wonderful to hear that Tonner Dolls, who have brought us so many beautiful collector dolls, and are reviving Sindy.

    I not only had the dolls but the Sindy annuals that had exciting stories about Sindy as a model having all kinds of adventures. She also came with beautifully illustrated leaflets showing Sindy wearing all her latest looks. These illustrations brought my Sindy with her stiff limbs ( being a first issue ) to life.

    Just as Tonner have been faithful to the characters of “Twilight ” or the Hollywood legend “Gone With The Wind” I am sure that Sindy will get the star treatment too and win old and new fan’s hearts.

  19. I had the Seaside Sweetheart Sindy in the 60’s. She had short black hair, an orange check swim suit and towelling hooded beach coat. I remember the suntan lotion and very cool sunglasses. I don’t have her any more, so was wondering if she could be revived for her 50th birthday? I would love to include her in my new collection.
    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  20. hello, im a hasbro sindy collector, and I really would like information on the 2013 version of sindy, when is her release date? a kind of price range? and where will she be available to buy from? shops or online? is there going to be advertisments? im really excited i want that doll so bad 😀

  21. its sad becouse Tonner are bringing Sindy out as that means she will cost a lot of money probelly over £100 putting her way out of reach for many i think she should be made in the old style ether blond or dark haired pulled back with centre parting and cost about the price of a Bratz doll that means the children of today can enjoy her like they did in the 70s and 80s she should be avaible for everyone to enjoy

    1. I totally agree. When I first heard about the doll in my local doll shop I was so excited, but it’s been so long with little information that I’m wondering if it’ll be worth it.
      The doll will cost a fortune, but an original doll on Ebay might be a cheaper option and it’ll be the original British doll.

  22. I’ve just realised that Tonner will not be reproducing the original ’60s Sindy. It’s disappointing that I will not be able to replace my first Sindy – Seaside Sweetheart. This has taken the shine off what could have been a brilliant 50th birthday celebration.

  23. Eagerly awaiting Trendy Girl Sindy! Where is she? Is she lost? Is she hiding? Is she in rehab? Sindy – where are you?!!!

  24. Hi
    I am not sure if you can help but I just thought I would ask. I found a Sindy doll in my attic that I must have bought for one of my girls I think she must have been around 1995 but I cannot find her anywhere.
    She is still in box and it says new style Sindy she is wearing a pink spakly mini dress headphones with a mouthpiece and has stickers plus shoes. Inside the box it says Cool Pop Star. I would love to know what year she is from and if she is worth holding on to for future worth.
    Thanks for your time

    1. the one thing i can tell you for certain is that she is from 1991 – I wouldn’t know anything about the value or future worth.
      I did list several websites in the article that might be able to give you more information

      thank you

      Miss Nancy

  25. Hi,
    I was wondering if the new sindy doll would be relised for Christmas. Because I really want one and hope to get one for Christmas also will you be remaking the ballarina sindy as I would be very intrested in purchasing her.
    Thank you very much

  26. I look forward to Sindy’s beau Paul and little sister Patch. I had a Pedigree Fun Time Sindy from around 1978 or so. Also had lots of her furniture … which items went to my Barbies. I have a few Sindy articles in my blog. Please stop by and leave a message. I’d love your feedback.

    Thanks for sharing the list of Sindy-friendly websites, too.

  27. I’m eagerly waiting for the release of the new Sindy dolls and can’t wait to see how they’ll be updated.
    Of course, it’s certainly too late to make any suggestions, but I wonder how a Tonner version of 1979 Sweet Dreams Sindy would be…
    She was the only doll made with open/shut eyes but was never very popular, mostly because Pedigree transferred Sindy’s painted eyes to the new doll (and they really didn’t work). However I imagine she’d look terrific with “proper eyes” and new nightwear – having the potential to be “Robert Tonner’s Sindy”.
    Oh well, I’ll keep waiting!

  28. Spring came and went and so did Summer and the 50th anniversary, this wasn’t planned out very well was it. Im also thinking that Customs fee’s mean a lot of serious collectors will miss out on this new trendy Girl issue.

  29. Hi!
    I’ve just seen a photo of the new Sindys! They look gorgeous!!!
    (Wouldn’t mind more photos of dolla and clothes though, to help me decide my Christmas pressie…)
    The only thing is that they didn’t look very posable to me… Can they bend their arms and legs? And… Will they be sold anywhere in the UK?!?

    Many thanks and good luck with the launch 🙂

  30. Hi Nancy!
    Hope the convention was a total success 🙂
    I understood the new Sindy would be launched at this convention.

  31. Hi Nancy,
    I´m also waiting for the new Sindy dolls! Will they be sold in Germany?

    kind regards
    Manu from Berlin

  32. I hear there will be a limited / special run of the new Tonner Sindy available at the convention in Lincoln UK, later this month. Can non attendees buy these convention dolls also? Some of us cannot make it to Lincoln and would like the chance to buy one of these dolls.

    Will there be anything unique about the dolls being sold at the convention?

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing more…!

  33. Am anxiously awaiting these dolls being released for sale. I’m away from a computer until next week, I do hope I don’t miss the release while I’m away! I have a small amount of birthday money left-over to buy her!

    I’m working my way through re-rooting 14 Sindy dolls aged from 1972 to 1984 atm, look forward to adding her to the family. I have a whole new wardrobe of sewing, knitting and crochet patterns waiting just for her!

  34. HI,
    I have a question I would love to ask , and hope you will contact me as soon as possible. I have 4 original Sindy dolls, from 1972 or 74, which belonged to my 4 nieces. Three blond and one brunette. Also her horse with saddle, blanket, grooming brush, whip, trophy, oat bag as in his meal-bag and in original box. Sindy even has her 2 pairs of riding boots, hat and jodpurs. Two of her beds boxed, one bed unboxed. Wardrobe with all her mules hanging on the inside of door, 6 pairs of slippers, 3 sets of night-wear hanging on blue hangers, her hair styling case with blowdryer and all the rest what belongs to it. Also her chair in orignal box and clothes-rail in box. Have about 16 of her lovely outfits. They are all in great condition, thanks to my sister who stored them away after her kids were finished playing with them, and now they still look like new, amazing. My question is, I have no idea what price to ask for this lot. Would you think that Ebay is the best site to sell the lot, or what should I do? I live in Waterford, Ireland. Would you have any suggestions as to whom I could get in contact with?
    Many thanks and I really do hope you will be able to help me.
    Ann Murphy

  35. Hi Anne
    Check out Facebook as there are quite a few Pedigree Sindy Pages on there to join in with, including a Buy & Sell Page… That as well as eBay would be your best options to selling
    A xxx

  36. Sorry to hear the latest news about Tonner Sindy. I wanted to say thanks for creating (so far) a dozen stunning dolls and the equally stunning 6 separate outfits. No mean feat in what was a short space of time, but much appreciated by me, as a collector.

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